Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a profound appreciation for two things: beautiful design, and delicious food. Lucky for me, the two go hand-in-hand a lot of the time. Sometimes I’ll prepare something for myself and be so impressed with the presentation that I don’t want to eat it. This is why having artwork of your favorite foods is the perfect solution (as opposed to awesome food artwork like this pancake art and Oreo art).

This way, you can always be surrounded by beautiful food, without feeling guilty for destroying the beautiful presentation by eating it (because you should never ever feel this way).

After stumbling across Etsy (AKA the online store of my dreams) a few years ago, I was blown away by the number of creative folk selling their work. For my fellow food and art lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Etsy is home to many talented artists, some of whom focus entirely on painting/drawing/creating food art.

As someone who likes to look at food almost as much as I like to eat it, this makes me very happy. I present to you 15 of the greatest Etsy stores to look at if you need a little bit of beautiful food in your life – or on your walls.

1. Lucile’s Kitchen by Lucile Prache


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/lucileskitchen

Lucile Prache, an illustrator living in Paris, offers beautiful prints of everything from herbs to bagels, from swiss chard to custom recipe prints. Lucile’s store was one of the first Etsy stores I ever came across and I have loved it ever since.

It is no wonder her work has been featured by the Urban Outfitters Blog and Apartment Therapy. Everything she creates is so unique and whimsical, making me think of afternoons in the countryside. I never knew that a purple beet could be so beautiful until I saw her painting of one.

2. Oana Befort


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/oanabefort

Based in North Platte, Nebraska, Oana Befort’s beautiful designs always remind me of Enid Blyton’s tales and images of afternoons spent in the forest, surrounded by nature. When I was little I always wanted to escape to The Enchanted Wood and spend the afternoon adventuring, and Oana’s work reminds me of those childhood dreams. Not only does she paint wild berries, fruits and vegetables, but in her sweet store, you can find many lovely paintings of animals and flowers.

3. Emma Block


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/emmablock

Emma Block is an illustrator based in London, who “likes charity shops, tea and very sharp pencils.” Inspired by everything from 1930s jazz to sausage dogs, she has worked for clients including Anthropologie, Orla Kiely and Harper Collins. Her work is incredible and always makes me wish I was a stylish woman in my twenties wandering the streets of Paris (basically what I’m saying is all of the women in her creations are my goals).

4. LouPaper by Louise Neumann


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/LouPaper

Louise Neumann, an illustrator based in Nashville, Tennessee, explains that working in her studio is “a happy little life.” For those in search of a more detailed and colorful print of a favorite delectable treat, Louise’s work is perfect.

Her illustrations of (some seriously delicious) food are vibrant and energetic, making them perfect to hang in the kitchen or dining room. She even has prints inspired by the delicacies of American states, so you can display your love of food and your home state at the same time.

5. Sarah Melling


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/SarahMellingDrawings

Based in San Jose, California, Sarah Melling’s store is full of beautifully detailed prints of fruits and vegetables. I’ve always aspired to be a minimalist, and Sarah’s work is perfectly minimalist yet still bright and fun.

Her inspiration comes from simple things in nature such as, “an artichoke at the farmer’s market, a handful of acorns from a morning walk, a huge sugar pine cone, a tiny honeybee.” This simplicity and admiration for nature is reflected in Sarah’s exquisite designs.

6. Deer and Badgers


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/DeerAndBadgers

Michail, the owner of Deer and Badgers, uses color and texture in the most incredible ways. I was drawn to his store by his painting of broccoli, as I am addicted to broccoli at the moment and suddenly find myself wanting some framed broccoli on my wall. Deer and Badgers is home to many beautiful paintings of animals, plants and food. If you also want to show your love for your favorite fruit or vegetable, this might be the store for you.

7. Old English Co. by Ben Treanor


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/OldEnglishCo

Old English Co. offers a wonderful range of prints and homewares, many of which are perfect for a food/art lover. Old English Co. is based on simple but bold designs that will coordinate perfectly with any interior space. From funny quotes to my personal favorite, a mac and cheese greeting card, all of their designs will work to brighten up someone’s day. For my fellow Anglophiles: Old English Co. is based in London where they individually print and hand finish everything in their studio.

8. Art Rose Prints


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/ArtRosePrints

If, like me, you love that Parisian coffee shop aesthetic, then Art Rose Prints might be the store for you. Run by Julia out of Vancouver, British Columbia, her beautiful designs are inspired by the constant beauty that surrounds her. Julia says she has some spare time these days after becoming a new mom to a little girl and is enjoying using that time to paint. Her designs are incredible, and you’ll find everything from food to Valentino heels to Chanel perfume prints.

9. Mornings With Coffee by Anna Bieniek


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/morningswithcoffee

Anna Bieniek, an artist based in Poland, loves three things: “Drawing, photography and coffee.” Her store, Mornings with Coffee, reflects this simple but lovely style and offers prints and cards featuring Anna’s original illustrations. Tea and coffee lovers out there, this might be the store for you I absolutely love Anna’s ‘Tea Time‘ print.

10. Primp Prints by Blair Larson


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/PrimpPrints

Blair Larson, the creator behind Primp Prints, is based in Virginia. Her store is filled with vibrant and beautiful prints of everything from pineapples to custom pet portraits (honestly if I could afford to, I would have paintings of my pets). This wonderful blueberry muffin print even doubles as a recipe. If you want more pizazz to your blueberry muffins, try these blueberry muffins with streusel topping.

11. Warm December by April Hollingsworth


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/WarmDecember

Based in Alabama, April Hollingsworth became interested in painting after learning about gouache, a paint similar to watercolor but “way cooler.” April played around with painting portraits and still life until she settled on her distinguishable and versatile style, vibrant and fun paintings of everything from pomegranates to flamingos and dinosaurs.

12. Jo Jo La Rue


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/jojolarue

Johanna, a watercolor artist based in Massachusetts, loves to paint cupcakes and other delicious treats. She has shown her work all around the country at various art showings. It’s no wonder why – her style is distinct and whimsical. Her paintings of pastries and desserts will leave you wanting to head down to the cake shop ASAP. In the meantime, you should totally make this chocolate puff pastry pretzel.

13. Tasty Painter


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/TheTastyPainter

Based in Kent, England, Ruby spends her days designing first day covers for stamp collectors and spends her evenings painting the things that she loves. Like all people should be, Ruby is obsessed with fruit and vegetables, explaining that the food she uses for reference “doesn’t usually last very long, if you know what I mean…” Ruby’s use of watercolors is so beautiful, and she is open to commissions if you’re after a particular fruit or veggie that you can’t find somewhere else.

14. YoYoStudio by Emma Henderson


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/YoYoStudio

Scottish-based artist Emma creates work that her young children like, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably like the vibrant/minimalist aesthetic as well. From sweet little strawberries to ducks and lions, her store is filled with awesome, classic prints that would fit in any home.

15. A Little Leafy


Photo courtesy of etsy.com/shop/ALittleLeafy

Stef’s work is punny. She has managed to combine my love of food, art, and a good pun and she’s done it so very well. Stef’s designs are so simple but colorful and exciting at the same time. I want to buy pretty much everything on her site.