It’s Friday night and you’re sitting on your couch in sweats, no bra, and you hear your stomach rumbling. You walk over to the fridge to see what’s inside, only to discover some milk, a thing or two of greek yogurt, some expired leftovers, and a bottle of wine. Not gunna work.

That’s when you remember that it’s 2016 and you’re only a click or two away from pretty much any type of food you can imagine. With Grubhub, Chinese, Pizza, Mexican, Italian, Greek, and so many more are all at your fingertips. Wanna get a sweet deal on your next delivery? Use the promo code “SpoonU1” to get $7 off of your first Grubhub order of $15 or more. Offer expires 6/30/16 at 11:59pm CT.

Even though you’ve probably ordered-in delivery 2 million times before, we’ve found 15 hacks to make your delivery experience healthier and more efficient.

1. Order with friends

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Not only is it more fun when you’re spending time with friends, but also, sharing your food with other people can save you a whole lot of calories and allow you to sample several different foods. Sure, you could probably wolf down an entire container of Pad Thai all on your own (I know I could), but you’ll definitely regret it when you realize that you’re going to have to spend your whole morning tomorrow at the gym.

2. Make the most out of leftovers

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If you find yourself alone and ordering in, have no fear. While a whole container of take-out can certainly pack on the pounds, there’s no reason why, with a little portion control, you can’t make it a reasonably healthy meal. By following these simple tricks for portion control, you’ll not only feel good about yourself now, but also will have plenty of leftovers: Cinnapie French Toast- can you say YAAASS KWEEN?

4. Go halfsies

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It’s super simple math. If regular portion control measures are too much for you to handle, try asking if you’re food can be delivered to you divided into two containers. It really doesn’t hurt to ask. If they say no, not to worry. As soon as you get your food, divide it in half and stick one half in the fridge immediately. Be sure to hide it behind some other things you have in your fridge so that it’s out of sight, out of mind.

3. Don’t eat out of the container

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If you think that your average take-out container is equivalent to a normal serving size, you’re dead wrong. No matter what kind of food you order, take the extra two minutes to remove it from it’s original packaging to see how much food is actually in there. I guarantee it’s more than you think.

4. Don’t throw away those plastic containers

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Turn any take-out binge into an opportunity to eat healthy tomorrow. Use leftover plastic containers to store a whole week’s worth of healthy food and transport it easily wherever you go. You’ll save a ton of money on Ziploc storage containers and feel great about yourself. #winwin

5. Ask for extra chopsticks

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According to a study of eating behaviors at a Chinese buffet, the key difference between the habits of healthy diners and those of overweight diners was that the healthy diners used chopsticks while the overweight diners used forks. The findings of this study can be applied to more than just Asian food.

Use extra chopsticks for healthy home-cooked meals to slow down how fast you’re eating. You’ll be taking a key step towards more mindful eating with little to no effort. If you’re a chopsticks novice, follow these simple steps to make it a little bit easier for yourself.

6. Ask for extra condiments

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You’d be surprised just how handy those little packets can be. Save that extra mayo or mustard to pack a sandwich on the go without it getting soggy. You can also use a combination of mustard, lemon and hot sauce to make a killer alternative to unhealthy dressing packets (a personal invention of mine) when you’re trying to be healthy on the run. Finally, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my family has literally never once purchased soy sauce.

7. Cut back on sauces and dressings

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If you think about it, the only thing that’s holding back most delicious delivery options from being a (somewhat) healthy meal is the excess of sauce or dressing that comes with it. For example, my personal favorite take-out food, Chinese chicken and broccoli, is actually composed of two super good-for-you ingredients: lean protein and green vegetables, but all health benefits are ruined when the whole thing is drowning in sauce.

In addition, things like cheesy breadsticks and chicken wings are made even unhealthier when dunked in ranch. So, to avoid excess fat, sodium, and calories, be sure to ask for sauce and dressing on the side.

8. Order pizza by the slice

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Yes, there’s literally nothing that sounds better than single-handedly eating a whole slice of pizza, especially if you’re a little drunk. Depending on how hungry/tipsy you are, there’s no doubt that two or three slices will feel more like one. If you’re willpower is anything like mine, you’re best off ordering by the slice rather than a whole pie.

9. No plates? No problem.

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Use this epic hack to turn your run-of-the mill pizza box into 4 plates and a storage container for later. You can also transform your Chinese take-out container into a plate with this easy trick.

10. Load up on veggies



When it comes to making healthy choices, it’s no surprise that adding veggies anywhere you can is going to be a must. Add them on top of pizza, into stir fry, inside a sandwich, in a burrito or tacos, and literally anywhere else you can fit them.

11. Turn containers into art

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Are the walls of your dorm or apartment in need of a little T.L.C? Make a sweet wall decoration out of an old pizza box or cut styrofoam containers out into cool shapes for a homemade stamp.

12. Save room for dessert

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Everyone knows that no late-night feast is complete without molten lava cake or Cinnastix. Keeping that in mind, plan your meal around the fact that you will be eating dessert.

13. Know your “no-no” words

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Avoid anything listed on the menu as crunchy, tempura, battered, crispy, breaded, crusted, golden, sizzling, teriyaki, BBQ, glazed, sticky, honey-dipped, loaded, stuffed, creamy, cheesy, gooey, smothered, melted, rich, or velvety. All of those descriptions are “no-no” words, and are basically just code for “fried”, “sugar-filled”, and “high-calorie”. Instead, opt for menu items that are roasted, baked, braised, broiled, poached, rubbed, seared, grilled, steamed, sautéed, spiced, or seasoned.

14. Skip the soda

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While many delivery places offer a free 2-liter bottle of soda with your meal, ask them to hold it. If it ends up at your front door, chances are pretty good that you’ll end up drinking it. Soda has absolutely no place in a healthy diet, so be sure you’re not tempted.

15. Download the Grubhub app

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Get the power of Grubhub from anywhere with their very own app. Out running errands and want to make sure your meal comes right when you get home? Order your food while you’re still out and plan to come home around the time your food is supposed to get there. Use the app to easily search for what your craving and read customer reviews to make sure you’re getting the best food possible. Use the promo code “SpoonU1” to get $7 off of your first Grubhub order of $15 or more. Offer expires 6/30/16 at 11:59pm CT.