Being vegan can be difficult since you have to cut out animal products like dairy, eggs and meat — easier said than done for many people. But if you're an actor and your job requires you to be on top of your health and fitness game, a vegan diet might be just what you need to fuel up for a busy schedule. Many of those who go vegan report higher energy levels, clearer skin, less aches and pains, and a lower body weight. Here are 15 actors and actresses who you might not have known are vegan. 

1. Emily Deschanel 

Being a vegetarian since the age of 13 made Emily Deschanel convinced being a vegan couldn't be much harder. She now embraces the vegan lifestyle and shares how great she feels with everyone. 

2. Alec Baldwin 

Alec Baldwin starting eating vegan because he wanted to become healthier. After being told he was pre-diabetic, he knew his eating habits needed to change. It's great to think what vegetables can do for your health. 

3. Kristen Bell 

Being a vegan for 15 years can really teach you a lot about life. Kristen Bell can share her way of eating with her family, too. It seems like a vegan family is a happy family.  

4. Liam Hemsworth 

Hunger Games costar Woody Harrelson inspired Hemsworth to become a vegan. It's made his life healthier and happier. He's not in it alone since his fiancé, Miley Cyrus, is also a vegan. 

5. Mayium Bialik 

Your favorite "Big Bang Theory" actress is a vegan and loves it. She even did an entire interview devoted to why she decided to become a vegan. She must be really passionate about it. 

6. Russell Brand 

Russell Brand has been a vegan since 2011. He watched the documentary "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix and was sold on everything they had to say. It's kind of like what's happening today with "What the Health?" Netflix inspires us all to do things we never thought of.  

7. Ellen DeGeneres 

Ellen is a vegan but lets herself indulge every once in a while. Life's all about balance, right? There's no need to deprive yourself of your favorite foods even if they don't always follow your dietary habits. 

8. Bellamy Young 

This "Scandal" star has been vegan for 28 years. She was inspired to start eating vegan while in college and couldn't wait to see all the health benefits. Bellamy Young got more energy and cleared up her acne just by changing her diet — I think it's worth a try. 

9. Jenna Dewan Tatum 

Jenna Dewan Tatum has been a vegan since she was 11. However, her husband, Channing Tatum, doesn't have the same mindset as she does about her eating habits. Being a vegan isn't for everyone, and that's completely okay. 

10. Amiee Teegarden 

Amiee Teegarden says she's a vegan 99 percent of the time. Her healthy diet makes her feel better and gives her so much more energy. I think that's something we all need. 

11. Olivia Wilde 

Being a vegan has been a part of Olivia Wilde's life since she was a little girl. Maintaining a plant-based diet is extremely important, but she stopped when she was pregnant. 

12. Tia Mowry 

Sometimes changing the way you eat isn't your choice. In Tia Mowry's case, her doctor recommended she change her eating habits. This led to her adopting a vegan diet and she loves telling others why she made the change. 

13. Alicia Silverstone 

Eating plants made Silverstone write a book all about her lifestyle called "The Kind Diet." She's even sharing her eating habits with her son, who she feeds a completely vegan diet

14. Michelle Pfeiffer 

Michelle Pfeiffer eats a vegan diet to keep her skin looking young and clear. If food can keep your skin looking great, why wouldn't you eat that way? 

15. Demi Moore 

It's no secret that adopting a vegan diet can keep you healthy and feeling better than ever. That's exactly why Demi Moore made the switch, and she couldn't be happier about it. 

The next time you see one of these actors in a movie, remember that they eat a vegan diet. Vegan actors are just like you and me — they want to be healthier and accept that eating plants is the best way to do just that.