Being vegan in Amsterdam is actually pretty easy in terms of buying food and cooking for yourself. Even ordering drinks isn't a problem since almost any regular café will have a dairy-free milk alternative. Sure, everyone knows about SLA and Bagels and Beans, but maybe you're looking for more options. Read on to find out some more of these vegan friendly restaurants in Amsterdam. 

1. Bar James

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This is a new vegan restaurant that opened up on Javastraat, in the Indische Buurt. They serve incredible burgers, fries, carrot cake and lots more at an affordable price.

2. TerraZen

This restaurant is owned by a couple who decided to combine vegan Japanese and Caribbean cuisines. The food tastes amazing, and the restaurant itself is very small and cosy - or should I say 'gezellig'.

3. Meatless District

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This is a great place to try some fake meat, egg or cheese, if that's what you're into.

4. Vegabond

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This café/store is 100% vegan and great to treat yourself - they have everything from ice-cream to pre-made lasagna, or nutritional yeast to shelves full of different chocolate varieties. As for the café part, you can even opt for some coconut whipped cream to top up your hot drinks, and it's absolutely delicious.

5. Maoz

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A bit less on the cosy/gezellig side, but Maoz is great if you feel like you need to load up on something indulgent. It's affordable and you can re-load your pita as many times as you want.

6. Juice Brothers

Juice Brothers mainly sells juices (clue's in the name), smoothies, açai bowls, and little snacks, so it's perfect for breakfast or whenever you feel like having something light and healthy.

7. Juice to Boost

This one is similar to Juice Brothers, except it is an independent restaurant, which means the place itself feels cosier. Everything they serve is very fresh and satisfying.

8. MKZ

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This vegan kitchen is operated by volunteers, and all the profit goes to social or grassroots initiatives. You have to reserve in advance for a three-course meal that costs five euros, and it's completely worth it: the atmosphere is great as you're surrounded with friendly people with amazing values who love to talk.

9. Yay Food-Store

This ecologically-friendly food store/café serves organic and natural, mostly raw food. It is located in De Pijp, so it's a great excuse to spend some time in the neighbourhood.

10. Zest For Life 

Not only does this raw-food café serve smoothies, juices and açai bowls for breakfast, but you can also go here for a raw lunch and order a burger, pizza or even pancakes. 

11. De Peper

De Peper is a part of OT301, so after you're done eating good vegan food, you can also attend a cultural event, a party or meet interesting people.

12. Koffie ende Koeck

This is the place to go to stock up on as many cakes as you humanly can. You can also go to have high-tea, if you're fancy like that.

13. Dophert

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This restaurant serves everything from breakfast to snacks to dinner, so (if you have endless amounts of money) you could basically spend the whole day eating - living the dream.

14. Beter en Leuk 

Beter en Leuk is completely vegetarian, and has a bunch of vegan and gluten-free options. It's definitely worth going here, the food is amazing and they also sell cool clothes.