Every couple of years when I watch the Olympics, I kick myself in the foot for quitting figure skating way back in 2006. I mean, I could have won a gold medal. A silver, even. A bronze. Okay, I probably wouldn’t have made it beyond a regional competition but hey, a girl can dream.

In reality, Olympic athletes spend their entire lives dedicated to working out and perfecting a talent or sport, while most of us can’t even make it to the gym three days a week. But besides their superhuman capabilities in using their bodies, they are basically the same as the rest of us plebeians. Here are some examples:

1. We’re obsessed with peanut butter.


Photo courtesy of @Simone_Biles on Twitter

Do I really have to explain why? Peanut butter is basically like a best friend. It makes you happy, comforts you, will help you through good times and tough times. It’s also a complete nutrient package, with healthy fats, protein, and carbs to fuel both your day and an Olympian’s workouts. Simone Biles pretty much summed it up for us.

2. We’ll do anything for free food.


Photo courtesy of @JohnBranchNYT on Twitter

McDonald’s provided all Olympic athletes in Rio with free food whenever they wanted it, thinking that most health-conscience athletes would skip the fatty food. But when massive lines started forming from the fast-food chain in Olympic Village, the company had to impose a cap on 20 items or less for each athlete. Anything for free food, amirite?

3. We’re in love with Zac Efron.


Photo courtesy of @simonebiles on Instagram

Okay, this one may be more in my favor, but have you looked at Zac Efron recently? His face is one from the Gods, and his abs are not too far behind either. At least Simone Biles and the rest of the US Gymnastics team thinks so.

4. We binge eat when we’re sad.


Photo courtesy of @sawansera on Instagram

Whether you failed a test, got dumped, or, I don’t know, didn’t advance into the Olympic games, food will always be there for you. Bring on the jar of Nutella, pint of Ben & Jerry’s, or four orders of french fries.

5. Carbs are our one true love.


Photo courtesy of @SBNation on Twitter

Pizza, pasta, bread, cookies, cake—if it’s a refined, white-flour carb, we’re all over it. For endurance athletes like Michael Phelps, carbo-loading is necessary for competitions, and some athletes eat up to 10,000 calories of just carbs. Those, I tell you, are the lucky ones.

6. We follow food trends and act #basic.


Photo courtesy of @toastedtable on Instagram

Apparently Ryan Locthe is all over this “awesome new creation” he eats for breakfast. I’ll let you guess what that creation is from his description: “You get a piece of toast and then you put some avocado, mushed up avocado, and you spread it on the bread.” Thanks for the tip, Ry.

7. We drink (illegally).


Photo by Maxine Mendoza

Now this one’s tricky, but Dutch gymnast Yuri van Gelder was sent home for consuming alcohol, after the Netherlands Olympic Committee placed a strict no-alcohol rule on Dutch athletes. American college students’ version of illegal drinking is a little different, but hey, even Olympians want to get turnt.

8. We’re all about Snapchat filters.


Photo courtesy of @nathangadrian on Instagram

Doggie-face here, flower headband there (seriously, why does that filter make everyone look so good?!), no one is unaffected by those Snapchat filters. Just ask Nathan Adrian, who snaps away when he isn’t winning Olympic gold.

9. We all know the struggle of working out.


Photo courtesy of @af85 on Instagram

Sure, most of us don’t work out for a living, but regardless, getting the motivation to go the gym is tough, as shown here when US Track and Field runner Allyson Felix has just literally given up. If only we could work out when we sleep…

10. We need coffee in order to do any work.


Photo courtesy of @kerrileewalsh on Instagram

Caffeine will forever be the side-kick to that term paper, midterm, or, um, running book. Especially if that caffeine is from Starbucks.

11. We get starstruck by our favorite celebs.


Photo courtesy of @LaurenFendrick on Twitter

Whether you’re an Olympian or not, a celebrity is a celebrity, and meeting your idol calls for nothing short of a little freak-out. I mean, who could forget Simone Biles’ reaction to meeting Zac Efron?

12. We take naps. Lots of them.


Photo by Judy Holtz

In between class or in between training workouts, naps never should be forgotten. Beach volleyball player Phil Dalhausser swears by an afternoon nap, especially if he didn’t get a full sleep the night before.

13. We’re proud to be American.


Photo courtesy of @alyraisman on Instagram

There’s something about the Olympics that rallies up the US into cheering on those who represent our country. But during the games or not, we’re all proud to be a part of a great country. Really, who wouldn’t want to be part of a country that has a National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?