Coffee and chocolate is an age-old combination. But nowadays when a certain creamy chocolate hazelnut spread is all the rage, people are starting to get more inventive. Nutella is amazing stirred into your favorite cup of black coffee, but it can be used in coffee in countless different ways. Do yourself a favor and continue reading to find the best and most innovative ways to put Nutella in coffee.

1. Black Coffee and Nutella

This is the simplest way to get your Nutella fix while also enjoying a cup of joe. Simply mix a spoonful (or two) of Nutella into your black coffee. Make sure that the coffee is hot or the Nutella won't fully dissolve.

2. Nutella Latte

The easiest way to make your own Nutella latte is by mixing Nutella with espresso before pouring in your milk. Some coffee shops, such as Daily Projects, have a special Nutella syrup to use for such drinks.

3. Nutella Cold Brew

The best option for adding Nutella to your cold brew would be using a Nutella syrup, which is thinner than the original gooey hazelnut spread. You could also mix hot espresso and Nutella and then add ice cubes and water to make an iced Americano.

4. Nutella Coffee Smoothie

Looking for something with fruit and coffee all in one? Behold the magic of a breakfast Nutella smoothie.

5. Nutella Cappucino

A Nutella cappuccino is made using a similar process as the latte. Either use syrup or mix the espresso with Nutella, but make sure to make it extra foamy and serve it in an eight-ounce cup.

6. Nutella Stir Sticks

Homemade Nutella fudge sticks are typically used to make hot chocolate, but instead of milk just stir these babies into a piping hot cup of coffee and sip away! These also make great gifts and are oh so cute.

7. Nutella Biscotti

If you don't want Nutella directly in your coffee, try dipping in these biscotti for an extra crunchy treat.

8. Nutella Coffee Shake

I'm definitely not opposed to having a milkshake for breakfast! Treat yourself with some vanilla ice cream at 9 am. And don't forget the whipped cream.

9. Nutella Creamer

Most brands of creamer sell a hazelnut flavor. But you and I both know that is NOT the same thing as Nutella. So make your own Nutella creamer because you know what you really want.

10. Nutella Ice Cubes

Nutella ice cubes are the best way to ice your coffee without watering it down! Check out this crazy DIY recipe.

11. Nutella Donuts

The age-old combination of donuts and coffee can only be upgraded by a little Nutella. Or a lot of Nutella! Check out these donuts bursting with creamy goodness from Doughnut Time!

12. Affogato with Nutella Ice Cream

An affogato is a classic combination of ice cream and espresso. Bring yours up to the next level by using Nutella ice cream instead of classic vanilla. Van's Frozen Custard in Dundee, Illinois makes a Nutella custard once a month and it is to die for!

13. Nutella and Coffee Popsicles

Why have cold brew coffee when you can have icy popsicles? These iced coffee bars are made even better with the addition of Nutella. A great treat for kids and adults alike.

Who knew that there were so many ways to amp up your morning routine? Putting Nutella in coffee seems like a simple combination, but man, it is just so good! I'll guarantee you that the next time you go out to breakfast you'll be sneaking in a packet of Nutella (no shame).