We’ve all been there. When we’re overworked and sleep deprived, but looking into our morning cups of coffee is just disappointing even though we know we couldn’t survive without it? To many people, a cup of coffee, averaging at roughly 100mg of caffeine per 8oz cup, is a morning ritual, if not an obsession. As a coffee addict myself, I can’t even get through my first class without face planting into my desk without some caffeine in my body.

While many people cite the numerous health benefits of coffee as justification for their obsession, that plain old cup o’ Joe can get seriously boring. Of course, a double shot of espresso, or a RedBull for the more courageous, will wake you up quickly enough to stumble into your 9am with some composure. But, why drink your caffeine when you can get your dose in a fun and creative way?

1. CoffeeBar


Photo courtesy of newgroundsfood.com

New Grounds Food’s fueled up bar (100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free) holds the power of a full cup of coffee plus delicious notes of coconut, chocolate or caramel. When you want to jump start your day with essential caffeination, you don’t need to sacrifice nutrition or taste. Or you can try theYESbar for less caffeine but more nutrients without any fillers, preservatives, or binders.

2. Activation Energy Granola


Photo courtesy of granolalab.com

Crunch on your morning dose of caffeine over some oatmeal or in your parfait. Granola Lab packs a seriously flavorful punch with coffee roasted by Brooklyn Roasting Company, organic dark chocolate, and rich hazelnuts.

3. DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce


Photo Courtesy of mensfitness.com

For those looking to literally get double the kick out of their caffeine, use this to spice up your day. With a caffeine content of 12mg per teaspoon, you’ll need around seven to get the same buzz as a cup of coffee. Hope you can handle the heat! If you’re hesitant, check out these other hot sauces to compare.

4. Mocha Caramel Popcorn


Photo Courtesy of roni-sue.com

Picture this: caramel popcorn drizzled with a rich espresso coffee flavor, coated with dark chocolate and brown sugar, finished with indulgently candied espresso beans. Drool. If it weren’t caffeinated, I’d have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Goat Milk Cold Brew Caramel


Photo Courtesy of farmtopeople.com

Goats? Wait, what? Also known as cajeta, is a silky, rich, and creamy caramel made from, yup, goats milk. In the extra time you have in the morning from not brewing your coffee, read about Fat Toad Farm’s “mischievous herd of 75 dairy goats.” This stuff is legit, containing Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cold Brew, you know it’s not all just fun and goats.

6. Joule Caffeine Bracelets


Photo Courtesy of firstwefeast.com

The future is here. Absorb the equivalent to one cup of coffee with just one patch over four hours. Plus, you won’t get any typical caffeine crashes, jitters, or other negative effects because of its gradual release. However, it’s not currently on the market yet, but the creators say they’re on schedule for a July delivery. Read more about it here.

7. Espresso Chip Shortbread


Photo Courtesy of mouth.com

You may see a guilt-inducing chocolate treat in the picture, but you can justify eating it knowing that it’s whole wheat, all-natural, and caffeinated. Lark Fine Foods set out to create the perfect “Cookies for Grownups” and they definitely succeeded. Sneak this one out of your desk drawer when you don’t have time to grab a cup of coffee.

8. Energy Gummi Bears


Photo Courtesy of tbo.com

These gummy bears are infused with the same ingredients you’d find in your typical energy drink. They claim to offer the same amount of energy as a standard 12oz coffee and standard energy drink in a more exciting way. They also pack in a combination of B-Complex and C vitamins along with anti-oxidants and other vitamins.

9. Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap


Photo Courtesy of bathbuzz.com

Imagine stumbling into the shower half asleep and by the time you can sing Adele’s Hello, you’re awake and ready to start your day. Turns out, you can absorb caffeine through your skin. While this bar has a whopping 2,400mg of caffeine in it, don’t worry, it won’t hit you all at once. The Guardian reports in one quick use it would take 4 hours for 4-42mg to be absorbed, or about the same as a bottle of Coke.

10. Get Run Gum


Photo Courtesy of getrungum.com

Designed for athletes to provide energy, mental focus, and recovery without any added sugars. Caffeine and taurine are the main energy boosters, with 100mg and 40mg respectively, but Run Gum also has vitamin B6 & B12. All it takes is five minutes to get a quick jump on your morning cardio.

11. Steem Peanut Butter


Photo Courtesy of steempb.com

And you were starting to think peanut butter couldn’t get any better. This naturally caffeinated peanut butter packs as much as almost two cups of coffee in only two tablespoons. Step up your breakfast to a whole new level, or just eat it straight from the spoon (we all know you do it).

12. Awake Chocolate


Photo Courtesy of tetherinc.com

This bar combines your two favorite things, caffeine and chocolate. One bar is equivalent to one cup of coffee, and one snack size bite is the same as a half cup. Get over that 3:00pm slump and make it taste great.

13. Sprayable Energy


Photo Courtesy of sprayableenergy.co

You can get 20 uses, or 80 sprays, out of each bottle and its small enough to fit in your pocket. You just have to spritz it on your neck and, like the soap, your skin will gradually absorb the caffeine straight into your bloodstream.

I’ll let you decide if you want to chow down energy gummi bears or squirt some caffeine on your neck, but either way, these products are much more exciting than that boring cup of coffee.