Even though Dunder Mifflin sells paper, The Office is full of food and food lovers that make us say “ooooh yeah”. That’s what she said.

1. When you’re at a dinner party, but you’re only there for the food

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Whether it’s your grandparent’s house or meeting your significant other’s family for the first time, the food always takes too long and the awkward conversations are too much to bear. Take cover in the bathroom and wait for the most important guest (dinner) to arrive.

2. “Is Pepsi ok?”

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You stay composed on the outside, but on the inside you’re channeling Stanley Hudson, rolling your eyes and dreaming of Pretzel Day.

3. “The guacamole is extra”

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You’re using your last 10 dollars to buy that Chipotle you’ve been dreaming of all day, and suddenly you have to decide whether you want to add guac or do your laundry this week.

4. When your friend grabs for the last piece of pizza

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You’ve been mentally undressing that last piece of pizza for a few minutes, trying to be polite, but when someone else grabs for it, shit’s gonna hit the fan.

5. When Taco Bell was a bad choice

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At the time, you thought it was the best decision of the night. Unfortunately your body (and your sober self) disagree.

6. When you get those random cravings in the middle of the day

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You’re just sitting in class, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you’re hit with an overwhelming need for cake that you have no way of satisfying. Grab one of these healthy alternatives and try to fight through.

7. When someone else shares your love of pizza

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In all seriousness, I would pay a lot money for a holster to strap onto my chest and keep pizza in. Easy access to pizza at anytime of the day is no joke.

8. When you’ve had a rough day and its only 11am

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s no time constraint on drowning your sorrows with Ben and Jerry’s. “If it makes you feel good then calories don’t count,” I’m pretty sure Dr. Oz said that.

9. When you try to go on a diet

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You asked your friends to hold you accountable for your new “healthy lifestyle” but the first time a friend makes you choose vegetables over a cheeseburger, you regret everything. Is it too late to take back the bragging about your new diet?

10. When you finally open the pizza box after 45 agonizing minutes of waiting

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Very few things in life are as beautiful as a fresh pizza, sliced, steamy and ready to eat. (Not even you, John Krasinski.)

11. When your only plans for the summer involve food

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Sure, I should probably get a “job” this summer, but my plans are much greater than that, and they all involve grilling out and these fruity cocktails.

12. When your friend eats off of your plate

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If you take your eating seriously, you’ve likely cut off quite a few friends for eating your food. And we don’t blame you, because there’s no excuse for this heinous deed.

13. When you’re not paying attention in class

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Drooling over Spoon’s food porn is the perfect distraction from your boring geology class. Just don’t get caught unless you want to explain in front of 100 of your peers that you were staring at pictures of food for pleasure.

Bonus: Almost anytime Kevin talked

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We understand you Kevin.

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