Part of the charm of Ocean City, New Jersey lies in the food, mixing old-time shore favorites, current food trend finds, and all the delicious calories in-between. That also leaves dozens of options for whatever you’re in the mood to grab within the 7 and 1/2-mile stretch of island. Whether you have a week or several at the Jersey Shore, make sure to carve out time for these 13 eats:

1. Donuts from Browns

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @brownsocnj on Instagram

Since 1976, Browns has been making people look forward to 7 am alarm clocks. Nothing says a beach vacation like warm donuts and a sunrise. Shake it up with their chocolate glazed or stick with their famous cinnamon sugar sweetness.

2. Ice Cream from TJ’s

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @bettymarie1980 on Instagram

On the corner of Atlantic lies TJ’s Ice Cream Plus, a premium parlor of 60+ flavors, including Green Tea, Butter Brickel, Pumkin, or ya know, Vanilla and Chocolate. With milk from Pennsylvania and vanilla from Madagascar, TJ’s is not to be missed.

3. Pizza from Manco & Manco

Ocean City

Photo by Liz Whelan

Stopping by Manco & Manco for a slice is a habit you don’t want to break when in OCNJ. It’s crispy, saucy, and made fresh in front of you from open to close.

4. Frozen Custard from Kohr Bros.

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @kohrs_frozen_custard on Instagram

With less fat and sugar than normal ice cream, Kohr Brothers still has the flavor and creaminess that makes it one to beat on the boardwalk. You can always count on the classics at the shore.

5. Peanut Butter Cookie from Crazy Susan’s

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @xonikkixo22xo on Instagram

Once the focus of a Food Network series, Crazy Susan’s Cookies lives up to the hype. They may be famous for their Turtle Cookie (chocolate chip cashew topped with caramel and chocolate), but the peanut butter is chewy and warmed to perfection.

6. Pancakes from Uncle Bill’s

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @unclebillssh on Instagram

Family-owned and open year-round for over 50 years and counting, the pancakes at this Ocean City tradition are something to treat yo’self to while down at Ocean City.

7. Acai Bowl from Yoasis

Ocean City

Photo by Rebecca Poole

When you need a break from carbs and grease, stop by Yoasis on 12th and Boardwalk for one of their many acai bowl concoctions. They also serve up all of the toppings you could want, including bee pollen. Count. Me. In.

8. Fudge from Fudge Kitchen

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @love_phillyfood on Instagram

If you only go for the “Oh, fudge!” shirt or the free samples outside, consider yourself judged. Besides the punny gear, their handmade old-fashioned fudge and candy is worth a week’s paycheck.

9. Coffee from Positively 4th Street

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @therealkatiewaldow on Instagram

I’m slightly biased because it’s my favorite coffee place to ever exist, but it got that rank for a reason. Positively 4th Street is that friendly neighborhood coffee bar we all need in our lives, with homemade muffins and mosaic tables to complete the down-to-earth feel.

10. Salt Water Taffy from Fralinger’s

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @crafty_procrastination on Instagram

Did you really go to the beach if you don’t leave with Fralinger’s (est. 1880, BTW) famous Salt Water Taffy as a souvenir? Or eat a whole box on the beach? Probbbbbably not.

11. Mallon’s Sticky Buns

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @mallons_homemade_sticky_buns on Instagram

On 14th & Bay or 55th & Central, you’ll stumble upon Mallon’s, home to the best sticky buns in Ocean City and possibly the planet. Besides their *secret* sticky bun topping, they use specially blended flour with butter, sugar, and cinnamon to make the freshest daily batch of buns.

12. Breakfast at Yianni’s

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @yianniscafenj on Instagram

Ranked in the top 10 best restaurants on the island, Yianni’s is a classic greek cafe mixed with some old-school staples like bagels & lox and Egg’s Benedict as seen above. It gets crowded fast, so make sure to head out early.

13. Boardwalk Fries

Ocean City

Photo courtesy of @sydshutt on Instagram

The best lunch on the OC boardwalk would consist of pizza, ice cream, lemonade, and a side (or three) of boardwalk fries with malt vinegar and a dip of ketchup. Get a regular to share or all for yourself. You’re on vacation after all.

A true summer oasis, most of these Ocean City eats are only available during the season, so take advantage of the best of the best and make sure to take some to-go as well.