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Many times, when people think of a Friday night in college, they picture raging frat parties and endless bar tabs. While that might be true for some, there's no shame in staying in to enjoy the comforts of your couch with homemade pizza and a $5 bottle of wine. (#SwugLife, amirite?) If you prefer lounging in your leggings over waiting in long bar lines, check out these home and kitchen items from Urban Outfitters to keep your abode cozy and yourself entertained. 

Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $130

Unless you're already out and about, the last thing you want to do is leave the house for a cup of coffee. Make a cup of cold brew with this rapid brewer in 5 minutes flat—all you need is water and your favorite ground coffee. 

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $18.00

Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't imbibe. Run a bath, get yourself a glass of vino, and check out this wine glass holder. On the flip side, on the nights you do wanna go out but don't have time to pregame, use this holder while you get ready. 

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly. For reference, you could probably consider more than one glass of vino in the bath to be irresponsible. Just sayin'. 

Noodle Bowl + Chopstick Set

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $14.00

This bowl and chopstick set makes eating noodles in bed way more doable. It comes in a few funky designs, but this cheeky "1-800-SEND-NOODS" version will have you giggling to yourself while you slurp your ramen. 

Make-Your-Own Detox Tea + Gaiwan Kit

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $40

Staying in and avoiding people may make you feel like you're detoxing your social life, but what about your body? While your body has its own natural methods for detoxifying, detox teas have been said to support that process. This kit includes a white tea and green tea base, which you can customize with six included herbs like dandelion root, hibiscus flower, lemon peel and ginger root. You can make your own recipe or follow those in a provided booklet. 

Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $12

Invite your friends over for taco night and use this fun T-Rex holder to present your prized possessions. Tacos are fun, but you can always kick things up a notch. 

Fondue Maker

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $30

Fondue is great for a chill night in with your pals. Melt your favorite cheese or chocolate and choose your dippers. Everyone will be jelly of the melty pulls you and your crew will surely post to Insta. 

"Unicorn Food: Beautiful Plant-Based Recipes to Nurture Your Inner Magical Beast" By Kat Odell

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $19.95

Take some time to cook food that's not only good for the 'gram, but good for you. This "unicorn" cookbook features recipes by Kat Odell that feature all-natural, healthy ingredients in fun and vibrant colors. Think: grain bowls, tacos, custard and more. 

Compact Air Fryer

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $100

On the flip side, make food that's mentally healthy for you, aka fried food. This compact air fryer uses less oil to crisp up your French fries, wings, jalapeño poppers, crab cakes—whatever.

Bob Ross Heat-Changing Mug

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $14

Bob Ross was probably the king of staying in. Imagine Bob taking his paint brushes out on the town post-taping a PBS special... nah. So pour yourself a cup of your detox tea or coffee in this heat activated color-changing Bob Ross mug.  

Sushi Kit

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $32

If you have the time, and you know you do, make yourself some sushi. You can make a traditional roll, or go crazy and try making a rainbow unicorn roll or an everything bagel roll

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden 3 Starter Kit

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $100

Grow your own herbs at home so you bypass buying a bushel of basil at the store when you really only need four leaves. This way, you can cut and use only what you need. This starter kit includes the basin, LED light, and three complementary basil cartridges. 

Stumbling Blocks Game 

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $20

Throw a game night and get your buds together for a game of stumbling blocks, aka Jenga. In this UO version, each block has a direction, and some require drinking. Four shot glasses are included.  

Stay Home Embroidered Pillow

Urban Outfitters

Buy it for $39

Once your snacks are prepped and your movie is rolling, get comfy with this "stay home" pillow, velvet floor cushions, and a appropriately worded "good at naps" blanket.