College is a place where young minds go to learn, create new things, change the future and make lots of shameful food mistakes. We’ve all been there. For some, it may be ordering a pizza at 1 am and eating a whole half by yourself. For others, it may be eating every item in the vending machine because you couldn’t balance your budget. From drunken mistakes to pure desperation, it’s a rite of passage that college students must accept and maybe even be a little proud of. Maybe. And so, I polled some college students and conjured up a list of foods they may have regretted eating.

1. A 10 lb tub of gummy bears

Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all 10 pounds of the bears. They weren’t even meant for you; they were for someone else, but were much better in your loving hands.

2. Big Bite


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You thought all those mozzarella sticks and French fries on your sandwich was a great idea at the time, but boy, did you find out how bad of a mistake that was the next day.

3. Half a gallon of ice cream in one night

So the munchies got the best of you. Hey, at least it was only half, right?

4. Having a standing pizza delivery date with Domino’s


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You’ve ordered so many times from Domino’s that the delivery guy knows you by name and asks how your test went.

5. Raw hot dogs

When you’ve had a little too much to drink and you’re that hungry, the little things like “microwave before consuming” tend to not matter.

6. Crouton nachos

When you run out of chips, sometimes you just have to settle for the next best thing, which in this case was croutons. I bet it added some zesty seasoning to those nachos.

7. Easy Mac with a side of iPhone

You were so excited about making your mac and cheese that you accidentally put your phone in the microwave with it. Regret the phone part, but never the mac part.

 8. Waking up next to your burrito bites


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You know you had a great night when you wake up next to your drunken food mistake. You probably ate them a little like this.

9. A 3 lb box of Cheeze-Its

During your weekend binge watch of Gilmore Girls, you accidentally ended up eating the whole box. Oops?

10. Eating wings on the bathroom floor at 2 am


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You decided to eat wings in the most convenient place. The bathroom floor?

 11. Eating box wine for dinner

Four bottles of wine in a box never tasted so good.

12. Having three dinners in one night

Because the first two did not get you full enough.

13. Eating two BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwiches with fries and still being hungry


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Somedays, it feels like we can just keep eating and eating, but never get full. It rarely happens, but those days are pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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