Sharing small living quarters with another person is annoying, but sharing smaller bathrooms and showers with either your entire floor or even suitemates is just plain havoc. Paying for laundry blows, and so does finding that perfect mattress pad, and don’t even get me started on choosing the right clothes to bring. But that’d be why they call it the “college transition.”

For me, food adaption trumps it ALL. Going from a NYC suburbia-type diverse town to a large Southern city hurt my ears enough (because of the loud trains and accents, that is), but the food dynamic was a whole new level of change.

Stamford, CT will always be home. As if the autumn leaves and picturesque fallen snow wasn’t enough, here’s the lowdown on the thirteen best eateries we have to offer.

1. Fiesta Atlantic

This is the best hidden Peruvian gem. Stamford is diverse to say the least, but this restaurant is a perfect outlet for the community to bond over cultures.

The most popular plate, and my personal favorite, Lomo Saltado is a mixture of steak, tomatoes, and onions sautéed and served over french fries with a side of white rice. Top it off with their amazing Aji-yellow sauce to add a slight kick.

2. Colony Pizza

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Stamford’s favorite pizzeria since 1935. They have strived on only offering one menu item, thin crust pizza. Well, there’s beer of course, too.

3. Eclisse

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Family style Italian, what could be better? Some must try dishes are penne vodka and the fried antipasto plate.

4. Giacomo’s Deli


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Subs, grinders, paninis, wraps, oh my. It’s a local deli, awesome for lunch pickups, or even catering.

My fav special is the 13 on a roll. Chicken cutlet, melted cheddar, bacon & honey mustard – you might want to consider a trip to the gym afterwards.

5. Liz Sue Bagels

Getting ready for the oven. This is where plain bagels become sesame/poppy/onion/garlic bagels #lizsue

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Classic NY Bagel Bakery. Nuff’ said.

 6. Sunny Daes Ice Cream

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Homemade ice cream, gelato, and milkshake shop – this place is home of the Hurricane, which is a serious contender to DQ’s Blizzard. It can be easily spotted by the giant cow out front.

7. Garden Catering

With menu items similar to the competition, Reddi Rooster, Garden Catering forever has a line out the door. To outsiders, ordering a “Baby” or a “High School Special” may seem odd, but Stamfordites know the deal.

You can expect a bag full of greasy fried chicken and french fries topped with their award-winning salty-sweet seasoning. Get their honey mustard on the side and an Arnold Palmer to top it all off.

8. Robek’s Fresh Juices & Smoothies

This local chain offers thick smoothies, juices, and froyo. Add an array of “Power Boosts” to your drink of choice or pair with an Acaí bowl. Yum.

Never go wrong with a Big Wednesday or house special, the Hummingbird.

9. Melt Mobile

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Yes, I’m a food truck fan. Who wouldn’t be with an assortment of grilled cheeses and grilled dessert sandwiches to choose from? Follow them on twitter for daily location updates.

10. Kiku Sushi

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This sushi is fresh, delicious, and flavorful. It’s on my family’s table every holiday, and yes, they have an off-menu roll named after me, the Anna Roll. Obviously it’s my favorite, just ask for Susan before ordering.

11. Lakeside Diner

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This is the best diner in town, famous for their house donuts. And College Road Trip was filmed here, so Raven Symone approves.

12. Hope Street Pizza

This may be another pizzeria, but this one is Greek. Who would have thought Greek’s knew pizza? Not me. Their Greek salads and souvlaki are very scrumptious.

13. Donut Delight


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Last but certainly not least, this place is local enough to be considered fresh, but contends with national Dunkin’ prices and is similar in menu offerings. And it’s just the best overall.

Hands down, my daily hazelnut iced coffee with an extra shot of expresso paired with a chocolate donut or grilled muffin is what I miss most about home (but shh, don’t tell my mom).