In honor of his recently announced US tour, it’s about time Ed’s culinary talent was paired with his songwriting skills. Since the love of food and the love of Ed Sheeran’s voice are two things we can all agree on, this list is offered as inspiration as we breathlessly wait for Ed to release a food-love anthem.

1. Ed wakes up happily in love with breakfast

Ed obviously recognizes breakfast as the most important meal of the deal. Why else would he give himself such varied options?

2. He knows what is essential in a food/body relationship

That’s right, he said what we were all thinking. Water is legit. How can you not be in love with something that keeps you alive?

Ed Sheeran

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3. Food makes him adventurous

Ed’s love of potato smileys inspired him to create a new dish. That same inspiration could go into another hit song, that’s all I’m saying.

It’s that time again

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4. He knows when to take a break

In an interview, Ed described his attempted soup diet, “Someone over here was just like, ‘Yeah…you should go on a no carb diet or something.’ So for two days I stocked up my whole fridge with tomato soup.”

Living the dream #thuglife

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5. And when to get back on track

But then the soup diet wasn’t for him. He said, “within 18 hours I was on the floor being like, I need fries and cheese.”

Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran

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6. Swanky food demands adoration

Thank you, Sir, for the delightfully sophisticated recommendations below. I believe together that would be called an apéritif.

7. Ed knows when to cook for himself

Look, he’s making his own dinner. Very nice lad.

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8. He knows you can’t resist some things

Chips are irresistible and would make an excellent subject of a song about languishing love.

9. Ed can find the humor in all situations

Mac & Cheese

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10. Chocolate is love

Completely understandable. Song lyrics could be something along the lines of, “My heart is melting for you, just like chocolate in a pan.”

11. Cuddling is the best

Have you ever wanted to be so in touch with pizza that you bought it in pillow form?

Possibly the coolest birthday present ever…

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12. Be the food

To truly understand your food, you have to literally step inside of its gingerbread skin.

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13. If you love food enough, it will love you back

There’s only one

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Rock on.