We all remember eating waffles for breakfast as a kid. Now, there are tons of options you can choose from when you go out to cafes. In celebration of International Waffle Day on March 25, here are 13 spots to get waffles in Boston where you can join in the fun, too.  

1. Curio Coffee

An essential coffee shop for many, Curio Coffee also serves fresh waffles to die for. Their liege waffles are made perfect with a slightly crunchy crust and a soft texture on the inside. Stick to the plain liege waffle topped with powdered sugar in this minimalist cafe; it’ll leave you coming back for more.

2. Tavern In The Square

Although renowned for its beer drafts and other boozy drinks, you can trust Tavern In The Square for some sweet waffles. Drop by their North Station branch for brunch to order these tempting Belgian waffles with Fruity Pebbles ice cream sandwich. Another waffle menu item you can opt for is fried chicken and waffles.

3. Saltie Girl

It's not really waffles in Boston without lobster. Saltie Girl in Back Bay gives a creative twist on savory waffles, serving fried lobster and waffles with sweet corn butter and spicy maple syrup. They also serve a collection of tinned seafood from all over the world as part of their expansive menu.

4. B3 Restaurant and Bar

B3 Restaurant and Bar whips up a truly unique take on fried chicken and waffles with their duck fat and jalapeno Belgian waffles and tabasco honey as its syrup. The large portion of their tea-brined chicken and waffles will leave you with a food coma that’s worth it. Complete your brunch experience here with their black pepper-infused bloody mary.

5. Cafe Luna

A hidden gem in Cambridge, Cafe Luna serves an array of Instagrammable brunch dishes. To curb your sweet tooth, they specialize in waffles and french toast with toppings such as cookie butter and Oreos. Feeling edgy? Opt for their famous steak and lobster eggs benny or corned beef hash omelet for something savory. 

6. Zinneken’s Waffles

You absolutely cannot miss this waffle spot. Zinneken’s is famous for serving authentic Belgian waffles in Boston. You can choose two distinct types of waffles: the chewy Liege waffles or the crispy Brussels waffles. The menu offers ten combinations of toppings and lets you choose your ingredients as well.

7. Caffe Bene

This desert place promises a smile on your face once you’ve tried their toasts and coffee. Other than waffles, Cafe Bene offers cakes, pastry, and the Korean bingsoo (also known as ice flakes) guaranteed to satisfy your dessert cravings. 

8. Saus

Saus specializes in its hand-cut fries and poutine for its entrees, and serve delicious liege waffles for its deserts. Try dipping the waffles into their coconut custard sauce for a unique taste.

9. The Paramount

Often mistaken for Boston’s Opera Theatre, The Paramount opens in two neighborhoods: South Boston and Beacon Hill. Both places serve a daily specials menu that will spoil your choices. Pop by their Beacon Hill branch and give their malted Belgian Waffles topped with fresh berries a taste. 

10. Shojo

Bored with regular waffles? Visit Shojo and order fried chicken with Hong Kong-style egg waffles for a change. Inspired by Asian cuisines, Boston Magazine and Time Out Magazine previously featured this restaurant for its creativity on their Asian fusion dishes.

11. Earl's Kitchen and Bar

Come into Earl’s and order both chicken and waffles or some desert waffles to come full circle. Located in Back Bay, this bustling spot is perfect for cozying up and catching up with friends over dinner. This place allows local country artists to perform too.

12. Loretta's Last Call

This charming Southern restaurant will leave you wanting more of their maple flavored BBQ sauce over fried chicken and waffles. A brunch-only option is to go for their strawberry and waffles over strawberry sauce and bourbon cream. How tempting is that?

13. Mike's City Diner

Chef Jay Hajj owns this top diner in the South of Boston. Mike’s City Diner can whip up sweet cinnamon waffles or some savory waffles with fried chicken. Other than that, Chef Hajj also released a cookbook so you can learn how to cook diner food exactly how he does it.

Explore these cafes, and maybe Eleven from Stranger Things will be proud of you for skipping on the Eggos this time.