With less than 2 weeks till Coachella 2015, it’s time to update your Spotify playlist, release your inner hippie, and prepare for all the delicious eats at this epic music festival. Not only is the music inspiring, but the food will surely leave you energized and ready to rally. Here are 13 delicious music festival foods to get you pumped.


1. Tacos

music festival

Photo by Maddy Shannon

LA’s hottest Taco restaurant, Mexicali Taco & Co., will serve the crowd in the VIP section at Coachella 2015. To experience the deliciousness, make these Tilapia Tacos for a healthy twist.

2. Egg Sandwiches

music festival

Photo by Lily Chin

Egg Slut, LA’s gourmet spot for egg lovers, will be featured in the Rose Garden. Try this ham and egg dish for a hangover cure. You can thank me later.

3. Ice Cream

music festival

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Kind Kreme, a raw vegan ice cream company, will satisfy the health conscious at Coachella.  Try this banana ice cream recipe for a sweet treat.

4. Grilled Cheese

music festival

Photo by Kirby Barth

The Grilled Cheese Truck in the Beer Garden is sure to be a foodie favorite. Expand your palate with these 8 grilled cheese hacks.

5. Pizza

music festival

Photo by Liz Tadie

Spicy Pie will dish out pizza and sandwiches to hungry festival goers. Can’t make it to Indio this year? Make pizza at home and rock out to AC/DC.

6. Bagels

music festival

Photo by Sarah Adler

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Prepare for the day with Yeastie Boy Bagels or make these breakfast sliders.

7. Popsicles

music festival

Photo by Megan Prendergast

Popsicles are the best fresh snack at Coachella. Mix Malibu and lemonade or champagne and orange juice for an adult only delight.


8. BBQ

music festival

Photo by Kelly McAdam

Bonnaroo offers a taste of the South. BBQ ribs, chicken, and brisket will serve the crowds in Tennessee this year.

9. Cheese Fries

music festival

Photo courtesy of Joo-Youn on Flickr

These cheesy fries are worth the splurge. Eat like it’s Bonnaroo with this decadent dish.

10. Burritos

music festival

Photo by Caroline Liu

Burritos are a staple at Bonnaroo each year. Enjoy a veggie burrito filled with cherry tomatoes, avocado, zucchini, cheese, and egg.


11. Corn Dog

music festival

Photo by Julia Liang

Corn dogs and warm weather are the perfect pair. Whip up a batch of corn dog muffins.

12. Popcorn

music festival

Photo by Kirby Barth

Popcorn and chocolate. What could be better? Popcorn is the perfect festival treat.

13. Burgers

music festival

Photo by Elyse Belarge

Graham Elliot’s Chowtown makes for a unique festival experience every year at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Try these burger toppings to recreate one of his decadent burgers.

Here are a few tips for surviving these festivals this year: 

1. Water is your new best friend. Surprise your liver.
2. Sunscreen. Because melanoma is not cute.
3. Eat regularly to keep up your energy.

If you are new to the music festival scene, dying to try an alcoholic popsicle, or wondering where the hell you can find a Sriracha burger, look no further: