The moment we've all been waiting for more than a year has finally arrived. It's time to see the queen, Emma Watson, genius, Hermione Granger, become the best Disney princess there ever was, Belle. Beauty and the Beast is finally on the big screen, so make sure to celebrate this iconic moment by making the following foods. 

1. Beef Ragu

The first food Belle samples in "Be Our Guest", try some  beef ragu over pasta.

2. Cheese Soufflé

souffle, pie, pastry, cheese
Madeleine Cohen

Les Français are known for their love of cheese, so make sure you make some cheese soufflé and follow Lumiere's advice. Let's face it, Lumiere knows best.

3. Pie and Pudding (en flambé)

tart, pie, chocolate, candy, cookie, cake, pastry, sweet
Grace Nguyen

En flambé means to cover in liquor and light it up, so maybe I don't recommend this one unless you truly know how to handle fire. 

4. Cake and Cupcakes

cake, birthday cake, buttercream
Casey Irwin

Lumiere provides Belle with a selection of cakes and cupcakes, so make some for your friends to treat them as well as Belle gets treated at the castle.

5. Gray stuff

Apparently it's delicious. I'm not too sure about that, but if Lumiere says so...

6. Porridge

milk, sweet, oatmeal, rice, porridge
Jocelyn Hsu

Porridge is the food that the Beast is able to learn how to finally use a spoon. Awwww. 

7. Hors d'ouveres

english muffin, ham, sandwich, bread, egg
Renee Chiu

In Be Our Guest, Lumber shows Belle a tray filled with hors d'ouveres, including some crescent wrapped sausages and some mini sandwiches. I'm hoping those mini sandwiches are made with some delicate french brie.

8. Baguettes

The baker that always has a tray is in a hurry for some baguettes. Grab some fresh baguettes and make some bruschetta or top them with some cheese

vegetable, pepper, tomato, meat, onion, garlic
Parker Dean

10. Deli Meat

When going into town, Belle strolls by the deli store. Get an assortment of deli meats (salami, pastrami, you name it) and pair them with some authentic cheeses, and, well, I think that speaks for itself.

12. Mexican Food

Christin Urso

Emma Watson's favorite food is Mexican, so honor her by making some good guac and queso.

13. Polyjuice potion

tea, coffee
Beatrice Forman
oil, wine, tea, beer, alcohol
Rose Ferrao

Maybe the prince mistakenly drank excessive amounts of Polyjuice Potion and that's what caused him to turn into a beast. 

14. Champagne and Beer

champagne, wine, toast
Lucy Carlisle

Technically not foods, but they are a staple of the movie. With the dancing champagne in "Be Our Guest" and the all the beer in "Gaston," these two are absolutely necessary for a Beauty and the Beast celebration.

15. Tea

Last but not least, I think Mrs. Potts and Chip would be quite some tea if you didn't consume any tea while celebrating them.