If you’re lucky enough to be from Washington, no not Washington, D.C., but Washington state, you know how hard it can be leaving. So many people know us only for Twilight, Grey’s Anatomy and having the first Starbucks. But more importantly we miss hiking, the ocean, Patagonia fanatics, rainy weather and most importantly, killer food.

In case you forgot what you’re missing out on here’s a little reminder that will make you hungry. Don’t be surprised if you start looking at plane tickets home right after this.

1. Pho

Rain + pho + @jelliottblake ?

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Get this right people, it’s pronounced ‘fuh’ and we strongly encourage food puns on any and all Instagrams you will inevitably post. This authentic Vietnamese soup is sure to warm you up on any rainy day and is cheap enough that you don’t have to feel guilty about getting it all the time.

2. Apples

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While so many people from the Northeast are crazy about apple picking, Washington produces the most apples in the entire country. Take your pick from honey crisp, gala or granny smith apples – they’re perfect on their own and even better in pies or tarts.

3. Fischer Fair Scones

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Get these hot while you’re home at the state fair or make sure to grab a mix to bring to college. Make sure not to skimp out on the jam. There’s almost nothing more processed or more satisfying than these bad boys.

4. Teriyaki

Teriyaki is unlike any other comfort food – it’s satisfying on a whole other level. No one gets their meat charred to perfection quite like joints in Washington.

5. Cherries

Organic Cherries from Razey Orchard. #capitolhillfarmersmarket

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This perfect summer fruit is grown and sold all throughout the state. They’re pretty addicting, so watch out – it’s easy to go through half a bag without even realizing it.

6. Washington Wine

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People may not think of vast vineyards in Washington like they do for California or Italy, but our wine is some of the greatest. Head to eastern Washington for some of the best wine tasting in the state.

7. Dick’s Burgers

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California may have In ‘n Out and the East coast has Shake Shack, but we have Dick’s burgers, which trumps them both. The Dick’s Deluxe is an absolute must to order when you get home, and make sure to add a milkshake and fries.

#SpoonTip: Dip your fries in your milkshake. It sounds weird but, trust me, it’s good.

8. Washington Ice Cream

starting the day with stumptown coffee & melted chocolate ☕️???: @ilonajoy

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Between Molly Moon’s, the Fainting Goat and Brain Freeze Creamery, you can’t go far without finding amazing ice cream. There’s flavors as classic as chocolate and vanilla, as well as combinations as unique as honey lavender and vegan sweet potato, all with heaping cones that never disappoint.

9. Washington Cheese

It wasn’t until I got to the East coast that I appreciated how spoiled I was by the cheese we have in Washington. Quick shout out to Beecher’s specifically and their mouthwatering mac ‘n cheese.

10. Ezell’s Fried Chicken

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This joint provides some healthy competition for any fried chicken found in the South. Not the healthiest of choices on this list, but a necessary place to visit anytime you’re home.

11. Specialty Sandwiches

Think of anything from ice cream sandwiches to sandwiches inspired by various ethnicities. Some favorites include Hello Robin, where you choose the flavor of ice cream in between two freshly baked cookies. If you’re looking for something savory, Paseos is great for Cuban sandwiches, Seattle Deli can hook you up with Vietnamese sandwiches and Homegrown is the place to go for sustainable sandwiches.

12. Coffee

Although we have the first Starbucks, more often than not we like to get our cappuccinos and lattes from smaller cafes. Try anywhere from Cloud City Cafe to Atticus to find your perfect cup.

13. Brunch

Oatmeal cobbler French toast Pc: @janetyi95

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Brunch is obviously the best meal of the day and there is no better place to get it than in Washington. Try Portage Bay Cafe and load up  your French toast at their over-the-top toppings bar. Or stop by Voula’s Offshore Cafe for huge portions of omelettes, hashbrowns and toast.