I can safely say I have been to all regions of this fine country (33 states to be exact), I have tried an array of foods and of course, my home region trumps it all (no pun intended).

To my fellow South Carolinians, don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE my school; Go Cocks, yay tailgates, our business program rocks and all that jazz. But sometimes I find myself missing the food from home more than the people (sorry daddy).

My home is Connecticut, my second home is Cape Cod, I grew up spending summers in Maine and NYC will always have my heart. I’m a classic northeastern girl, even occasionally dressed in white jeans and pastels.

Here’s a small portion of what the rest of the country can thank the cold-hearted-fast-past-shi**y-drivers for. Enjoy!

1. Lobster Rolls


Photo courtesy of @danawilde on Instagram

Annoying as heck to eat but gosh is it rewarding. I’ve enjoyed a lobster roll every year for a birthday treat, white tender meat mixed with dressings and celery, warm buttered over-stuffed roll, my mouth is already watering.

Shout-out to Maine! Sorry we may have threatened to give you away to Canada.

2. New England Clam Chowder


Photo courtesy of @chefdebbiesolomon on Instagram

My Granddad says he only brags about three things: his three daughters, grandkids (specifically moi) and his clam chowder. Born and raised in the northeast, cottage on Cape Cod and always sporting boat shoes; he, like me, vividly represents this wonderful region.

His classic, reworked and timeless recipe is the best, competes with any famous NE Clam Chowder anyone has ever tried.

3. Maple Syrup


Photo courtesy of @s_mcenaney on Instagram

Thanks for more delicious sugar to put on my sugary breakfast, Vermont. I ain’t complaining.

4. Entenmann’s


Photo courtesy of lasplash.com

For as long as I can remember, my mom’s classic “gift from the Northeast” to extended family or friends, has been Entenmann’s Black and White Cookies. They’re perfect for sharing (my dad always is down to eat my vanilla side).

Entenmann’s originated in New York and offers over 34 different cakes, cookies, donuts, pies and other treats. Chocolate donuts for breakfast at home? Yes, please.

5. NY Bagels


Photo courtesy of @chenistry101 on Instagram

Bagels from anywhere else don’t compare. Also the rainbow bagel originated here too so… You’re welcome.

6. Ben & Jerry’s


Photo courtesy of @benandjerrys on Instagram

Based in Vermont, this American classic offers over 55 different flavors of ice cream, fro-yo and sorbet. They even have a graveyard of failed flavors at their HQ… #coolness.

7. Boston Creme Pie


Photo courtesy of @amandaroseeee_ on Instagram

Although I’ve only tried this treat a handful of times, Boston Creme donuts are my breakfast go-to. So thanks B-town.

8. Pepperidge Farm


Photo courtesy of @pepperidgefarm on Instagram

Started in 1937 out of Fairfield, CT this brand has become a household name to say the least. Milanos, Goldfish and hundreds of other products… Thank you to the lady above who started it all, Margaret Rudkin!

9. The hamburger


Photo courtesy of eater.com

Who knew the hamburger sandwich originated in New Haven, CT? I did shoutout to my home state!! Louis’ Lunch’s kitchen where the hamburger was first assembled is pictured above. 

What could get more American than greasy ground beef on a toasted white bun?

10. Whoopie Pie


Photo courtesy of @mrsfence on Instagram

I may be a bit biased on this one because chocolate cake with vanilla creme is my favorite dessert combo… But if it isn’t yours also you’re lying to yourself.

Thanks to Maine once again, this timeless American BQQ dessert is simple and delicious. Maine even holds an annual Whoopie Pie Festival.

11. Cape Cod Potato Chips


Photo courtesy of @capecodchips on Instagram

I shouldn’t even have to explain this one… Kettle cooked chips are the best, and if you haven’t tried the waffle cut you’re doing life wrong. Also the factory happens to be in my favorite Cape Town! Hyannis, MA ily.

12. Pumpkin Pie


Photo courtesy of @alana.louise_ on Instagram

I may again be biased on this one because my parent’s have called me Pumpkin since the day I was born (not sure why, my brother claims it’s because they found me under one), so this Thanksgiving dessert is one of my many go-tos. But pumpkins are also almost like vegetables so this is basically healthy?

Thanks to the Pilgrims! Y’all [Plymouth] rock!!

13. Dunkin’ Donuts


Photo courtesy of thrillist.com

Do I even have to have a sassy remark for this one?? America runs on Dunkin’. See the first ever Dunkin’ location in Quincy, MA above. So again America, you’re welcome. 

Every region, culture and country has made excellent food contributions to our food-obsessed American society. But this list could go on, and it just happens to be the best.