We think at this point it’s pretty obvious that putting an egg on anything immediately escalates its amazingness, but if you need more proof, here are this week’s best #SpoonFeed yolk porn photos to convince you.

THIS needs to be a priority this weekend ? HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Hope we see you here for breakfast! ? #bagelsandbrew

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Sometimes the best sandwiches are the ones you can barely fit in your mouth. Recreate this baby at home, we dare you.

Honestly overwhelmed by how incredible this burger looks. It even has kimchi on it – so trendy.

"Me and my boo and my boo lip lockin'….." – @beyonce #homemade

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Even the classics don’t get old. Here are 11 ways to incorporate avocado into every meal, in case you need some inspo.

Meat, carbs and eggs. Basically everything you need all on one plate.

I cooked

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Crack an egg on your toast, let the yolk go down.

Get your canoe ready for that waterfall of yolk porn.

The (ra)men you actually need in life ? #LD??

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Immediately up your Ramen game by adding an egg (or two).

? days, sweeping the ☁️'s away, on my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how to get this in my mouth!! ?? I'm bringing you a weekend of burgers to cap off the #EatFamousBurgerBattle3 and we're starting with the Breakfast burger from Ida Claire's: Brisket Burger on a humongous Biscuit with Sunny Side Egg, Pimento Cheese, Black Pepper Aioli, and LTP. It's the new hot place to go in Dallas and if you can't make it to Brunch/Lunch/Dinner, they've got a Reverse Brunch late nights! ?: Brisket Egg Burger (on a Biscuit) ?: @idasouthofordinary #⃣: Go #eatforyourself! ?: TAG YOUR FRIENDS #burger #burgerporn #brunch #forkyeah #buzzfeast #yahoofood #eeeeeats #foodpornshare #eatfamous #feastagram #myfab5 #eatingnewyork #NYC? #zagat #feedyoursoull #newforkcity #devourpower #topnycrestaurants #spoonfeed #EATFAMOUSBURGERBATTLE3 #tryitordiet #yougottaeatthis #foodilysm #eatmunchies #eatlikeshit #foodbeast #moodyfoodyadventures

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This burger is probably, like, 10,000 calories, but we’d eat it anyways.

Sausage-gravy breakfast pasta + a 6 min egg. Eating right today. #ONTHEBLOG, link in bio.

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Who needs pasta sauce? You should clearly use gravy instead.

Breakfast nachos inspired by @thedelicious

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Breakfast nachos with mini waffles and fried eggs look amazing and also easy to make.

Props to @rasianbran for this homemade banh mi.

Not sure what the world would be like without breakfast tacos, but we’re definitely not about that life.

Threw a bunch of food in the pan and put an egg on it

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Breakfast hash: so easy, so delicious.

Wasn’t that great? Who knows, maybe all the delicious yolk porn will give you a newfound appreciation for breakfast. It’s clearly our favorite meal of the day.