If you’re anything like me, you can’t make it through the day without at least two cups of coffee (three if you couldn’t sleep the night before). Coffee may or may not have taken over our lives. Let’s just say we’re always late to that 9 a.m. because we are busy waiting in long Starbucks lines to cure our coffee morning headaches.

When we reach for that third cup and it’s not even noon, it’s hard to refrain from judging ourselves. But if you take a look around the world, every other country seems to be as hooked on coffee as we are. Here’s a list of how different parts of the world enjoy their coffee. It’s time to get cultured coffee addicts.

1. Italy: Espresso


Photo courtesy of @n_harman on Instagram

Espresso is basically a way of life for Italians. Made quick to order and topped with a thin layer of cream, espressos are most commonly consumed standing at the bar in a cafe. Espressos are a great start to an Italian day, not to mention they make for a perfect Instagram.

2. Turkey: Turkish Coffee


Photo courtesy of @janarexhepi on Instagram

Turkish coffee is so essential to Turkish culture that UNESCO confirmed it as an “intangible cultural heritage of Turkey.” It’s made strong, with coffee grounds settled at the bottom of the traditionally small cups. When ordering this classic, be prepared to specify how much sugar you want. And of course, enjoy the social experience of drinking Turkish coffee, and perhaps learn your fortune based on the leftover grounds in your cup.

3. United States: Iced Coffee


Photo courtesy of @southmoonunder on Instagram

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding basic iced coffee from Starbucks. America is one of the only countries in the world that serves iced coffee. Americans really like their iced coffee, and even order venti sizes in the middle of a terrible Chicago winter.

4. Cuba: Café Cubano


Photo courtesy of @cortaditocafe on Instagram

Café Cubano is Cuba’s version of an espresso, adding some demerara sugar to sweeten up the brew. While this is most popular in Cuba, it’s also a favorite in some regions of Florida, especially Miami. So if you aren’t up for the trip to Cuba, make a short stop in Miami and find this coffee at almost any cafe.

5. Saudi Arabia: Al-Qahwa


Photo courtesy of @_zzmo87_ on Instagram

This coffee is not only seen in Saudi Arabia, but in other Arabic countries as well. It is typically made with Cardamom, an expensive spice found in South Asia. Al-Quhwa is commonly served with dates, dried fruits or nuts. It’s time to spicen up your boring black coffee by trying this traditional Arabic beverage.

6. Ireland: Irish Coffee


Photo courtesy of @bartender_carla on Instagram

Chances are you’ve probably had an Irish coffee at least once in your life, even if it wasn’t in a cute Dublin pub. This hot coffee is prepared with Irish whiskey, sugar and a layer of whipped cream. More like a dessert rather than a quick breakfast, Irish coffee embraces Ireland’s pub culture to its fullest.

7. Mexico: Café de Olla


Photo courtesy of @per1ita on Instagram

Café de Olla has a very distinct taste. Made with cinnamon and piloncillo, a native Mexican sugar, this coffee is popular all over Latin America. Part of what gives this coffee its distinct taste is its preparation in earthen clay pots. Next time you travel to Mexico, order this drink instead of your usual margarita.

8. Ethiopia: Buna


Photo courtesy of @facehunter on Instagram

Given that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, their OG coffee is a pretty big deal. Ethiopia is known for traditional coffee ceremonies, in which making and serving the coffee can last up to a few hours. Typically, Buna is served with salt or butter. For those of you who truly appreciate coffee, you must experience an Ethiopian coffee ceremony at least once in your life to give coffee the recognition and celebration it deserves.

9. Greece: Frappé


Photo courtesy of @natekaptena on Instagram

Remember when I said the U.S. was one of the only countries that serves iced coffee? Well, Greece makes it onto that list as well. Frappé is a popular chilled beverage in this Mediterranean region, a foam-covered iced coffee to be enjoyed while dreaming about meeting our own Kostas, like Lena did in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

10. Vietnam: Egg Coffee


Photo courtesy of @nappleman on Instagram

This Vietnamese favorite consists of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. Easily substituted as a real meal, this thick and creamy substance is enough to fill you up on a warm Vietnamese afternoon.

11. Spain: Café Bombón


Photo courtesy of @manuelflores.vva on Instagram

Originating in Valencia, Spain, this coffee is prepared as half espresso and half sweetened condensed milk. To make this espresso alternative more aesthetically pleasing, it is typically served in a clear glass. Next time you happen to be in Spain, order this classic to impress the locals.

12. France: Café au Lait


Photo courtesy of @_emmawelch on Instagram

It would be unjust to make a list of popular International coffee drinks, and leave France out. A country known for its cute cafes, coffee plays a central role in French lives. Café au Lait is coffee served with hot milk, ordered at any time of the day. So next time you want it to be socially acceptable to drink a nice cup of caffeinated coffee late at night, take a quick trip to Paris.

13. China: Yuanyang


Photo courtesy of @discoverhongkong on Instagram

Popular in Hong Kong, Yuanyang translates to “coffee with tea”. It’s exactly what it sounds like, prepared by mixing three parts of coffee and seven parts of milk tea. This common beverage can be prepared hot or cold. If you can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee or tea, have both with this Chinese favorite.