Football season is the highlight of life in college. Tailgates, a winning team, what could get better? But with every game comes a time where you feel unbearably hungry and have to buy some stadium food. Why sacrifice good food for a great game? Start taking notes and buying ingredients because you're about to have the watch party of your life. 

1. Nachos

Nachos, the symbol of sitting down and watching football all day long. Don't rush this perfection. This BBQ nacho recipe is so good you won't want to share it with anyone else. As a huge barbecue sauce fan, I highly recommend making these nachos at your next watch party. 

2. Hot Dog

Step up your hot dog game and turn it into a BLT. These BLT dogs are sure to add some extra flavor to your game day. I don't know about you, but I've definitely never seen such an intense dog at a stadium. Just another score for your watch party!

3. Chili Dog

Hot dog! If you thought the BLT dogs were amazing, just wait until you make this Greek Hot Dog Sauce for your next party. This is not your grandpa's chili dog - it's better. 

4. Funnel Cake

The game just got a whole lot sweeter. This funnel cake recipe will bring back those old memories of going to football games with your dad. You know, when you were too afraid to ask if you could buy a funnel cake. No worries. Now you can make one!

5. French Fries

You can truly never go wrong with french fries. The possibilities are really endless when picking your toppings and sauces. However, once you try these bacon cheese fries, there's no going back. 

6. Chicken Tenders

Chicken strips on game day are like turkey on Thanksgiving - you just have to eat them on this day. But if you're making parmesan-ranch chicken strips, you'll be eating them way more than just on the weekend. 

7. Burger

Did you really need someone to tell you that you can make a better burger than the ones sold at the stadium? Confidence is key when grilling these bacon cheddar stuffed burgers. 

#SpoonTip: Be mindful that you don't drool into the food. Trust me. It's hard not to.  

8. Popcorn

Okay, so it might not be basketball season, but these popcorn balls are so perfect for game day. A salty, sweet snack is exactly what you'll need once the game starts really picking up. 

9. Churros

If your stadium food selection includes churros, I dare you to try this recipe and tell me it's not better. There's just something about a hot, doughy churro fresh off the pan that a stadium cannot compete with. I recommend not only the chocolate sauce, but experimenting with maple syrup too! 

10. Pizza

No stadium can compete with this grilled pizza. Honestly, I'm not even sure if some pizza restaurants can compete with this amazing recipe. The flavor from the grill, combined with all the veggies and herbs will be the perfect way to kickoff your first watch party!

11. Pretzels

Soft pretzels, in my opinion, are highly overlooked at every stadium. This Auntie Anne's style pretzel will make all of your friends wishing you would host them every week. But don't worry, you can just share the recipe with them instead!

12. Ribs

There's a reason why this recipe is titled "Should Be Illegal." These ribs are simply perfection. Again, I'm a huge supporter of all things barbecue sauce, and with this recipe there can never be too much. Personally, I choose beef ribs and the results taste even better! 

13. Buffalo Wings

No watch party is complete without buffalo wings. There are so many variations that you can try when it comes to wings, but I prefer the basics. This recipe is perfect for the simple buffalo wing fan. You really just can't go wrong. 

Get ready to win over your friends at the next watch party with any, or even all, of these amazing recipes. There's no need to buy food at the stadium when you can just make it ten times better! 

You: 13, Stadium Food: 0