People always say, “April showers bring May flowers.” We at Spoon like to think more along the lines of, “April food porn makes us never want the month to end.” This month’s #SpoonFeed photos literally wanted to make us rewind time but since that’s impossible we’ll just savor the moment.

Just a cookie that descended straight from the heavens. Since we know you want a cookie in your mouth ASAP, here’s a microwave cookie in a cup you can make in under ten minutes.

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Sometimes even the biggest carnivors need a cupcake every once in a while.

Jesus approves. Because everyone should know how to make the perfect ice cream topping, here’s a DIY salted caramel sauce you have to try.

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Because you need to have a bacon cheeseburger with donut buns at least once in your life.

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You’d never know this ice cream from Chloe’s in NYC is 100% gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar-free.

This is a fried cookie dough eggroll with soft serve ice cream. That is all.

Potentially the most insane bagel we’ve ever seen. Because everyone should know, what kind of bagel are you?

When in doubt, make a matzah ice cream sundae.

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This mille-feuille is something out of a dream. Paris is way more then the mille-feuille. Here’s a beginners guide to everything you need to eat if you’re ever in Paris.

This is Biscoff cookies with vanilla and chocolate ice cream drizzled with Biscoff cookie butter. Biscoff overload.

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You know you have enough chocolate syrup on your waffle when you can see your reflection in it. To recreate this photo, here’s the waffle recipe you need.

People did some crazy things with donuts last month and this ice cream sandwich is no exception.

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We would be 100% ok with that gelato dripping down our arms.

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It is literally impossible to consume too much food porn. Here’s some more to feed your addiction: