Picture your favourite mug filled generously with steaming hot water and your choice of a teabag submerged, steeping to release the aroma of your favourite tea.

Now, ignore that image. Instead, expand your horizons to include ice pops and baked desserts and smoothies — the only limit is your imagination and the types of tea you have on hand.

1. Coconut Matcha Pops


Photo by Natalie Pressman

The thing about matcha is, not only does it taste amazing, it also has some cool health benefits. With the summer weather being at its peak, these ice pops are really a necessity of daily life right about now.

2. Masala Chai Tea Scones


Photo courtesy of Kara Lydon

Sure, scones are meant to be eaten with a hot cup of tea, but let’s advance your afternoon tea time further and combine the two into one.

The spice of chai will liven up the normally mild flavour of this scone. Hint: this particular scone recipe is at the very bottom of this four-piece recipe article. Check out the earl grey chocolate chip cookies, green tea shortbread leaves, and chamomile lemon cupcakes with honey butter icing while you’re at it.

3. Frozen Matcha Green Tea Banana Smoothie


Photo by Stephanie Nguyen

The secret to this smooth, perfectly sweet smoothie is that it uses a matcha green tea mix rather than plain, bitter matcha.

4. Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse


Photo by Amy Yi

As a college student, the moment a recipe includes something about being able to use a microwave or a blender as opposed to an oven or a stove, I will give it my full attention. This earl grey chocolate mousse has just that element of convenience, as it is made with a blender rather than the usual double-boiler.

5. Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies


Photo by Cari Lamba

We’re certainly on a roll with Earl Grey tea as I bring to you yet another recipe, this time for shortbread cookies.

6. 4-Ingredient Chai Pancakes


Photo by Alex Furuya

Four ingredients, you say? Count me in. The chai is definitely a bonus.

7. Chai Caramel Corn


Photo by Alex Furuya

This is something new for those movie nights. Sure, some people may bring their usual extra buttered popcorn, maybe even spice things up with a little bit of chili powder, but top marks will still go to this recipe.

8. Earl Grey Custard Tart


Photo by Sara Kim

Sometimes, desserts can get quite tooth-achingly sweet. When you throw tea into the mix, it can be overpowered by the sugar. Not so with this recipe, though; you can enjoy the earl grey in this treat properly.

9. Thai Tea Tiramisu


Photo by Amy Yu

Yes, Thai tea — it’s not a typo trying to type chai. However, Thai tea and chai are actually quite similar, as they’re both strongly flavored spiced teas. If you’re a chai fan, you’re going to be a fan of this recipe too.

10. Chai Cupcakes


Photo by Christina Kapalko

When you’re not up for downing a whole cake, these delicious chai cupcakes are a good alternative.

11. Matcha Cupcakes with Mochi


Photo by Gabby Phi

Oh my god. These matcha cupcakes have a chewy crust with a softer middle — just look at that mouth-watering photo.

12. No Bake White Chocolate Matcha Wafer Cookies


Photo by Steph Cozza

And here it comes: the no bake option to end things off with. And of course, it goes to a matcha-flavoured cookie. What? We’re obsessed too.