Senior year is a year to remember as most graduates say. Whether you finish in a semester or in two, you have to make the most of it. This is the last time to have a crazy time with your friends and not have to be super responsible. Be childish and love life because, in a few short months, that will be gone. Below are 12 Ways to fully Live up your Senior Year. 

1. Hang With Friends as Much as Possible

This is the last year to have as much fun as you can with your friends. In just a few short months you will be an adult and you can’t do everything you want whenever you want. With that being said, spend time with your friends! Whether it is going out or just having a night in, take advantage of living so close to each other, it won’t be like that forever.

2. Visit Rookies

Whether you are 21 or not, you have to visit Rookies at least once in your college career. If you’re a drinker, go on nights where there are specials. Like dollar bottles on Wednesdays where they also have dollar burgers. If you’re not a drinker there is still great food for you. Their mini tacos are the bomb and you have to try them at least once in life.

3. Go Support the Fighting Bees

I know not all games are fun, but go support our bees until you can’t support them anymore. Especially since we get in for free! A lot of schools don’t do that, so take advantage of that. You will always be a bee, but it’s different being a current bee and an alumnus, so don’t regret not going.

4. Make Sure to get your Homework Done Before the Weekend

Talking from experience here, I always wait untill Sunday night to do my homework and then I am stressed to the max because I didn’t realize how much I had to do. Some word of advice, try to finish a lot your homework before the weekend even starts. Then, you can go and enjoy your weekend and not have a panic attack on Sunday.

5. Join a Club

Ambrose has some bomb clubs out there, such as Spoon University or BeeMedia. Not saying you have to join one of those, but get involved at Ambrose. You will meet some people that might just turn into your best friends. Even though you are a Senior, it is not too late to get involved.

6. Visit your Family or Skype

Since you are with your friends 24/7 make sure to still think about your family. If you can drive home, make sure to make time for them. They are very important in your life. They will always be there for you, but make sure you show them how much you appreciate them. If you can’t drive home, at least skype them. I can promise you, your mom will be so happy to see your face.

7. Get a Giant Milkshake at Steel Plow

If you haven’t already you have to, I repeat have to get a milkshake from Steel Plow Burger Company. I know as a broke college student, getting a $8 milkshake is a bit ridiculous, but it is so worth it! These milkshakes are the best thing that you will ever have! On top of that, they are Instagram worthy! Make all your home town friends jealous of the awesome college town you live in!

8. Go to a River Bandits Game

One thing I regret is not going to a Bandits game sooner! These games are a great time to get the whole group together and have a fun night out. Not only is it fun, but the tickets are only $10. Sometimes Ambrose even gives out free tickets! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! They are honestly a lot of fun and you will have memories that last a life time. Fun fact: Modern Woodmen Park has been voted the best minor league stadium in the country. 

9. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

This is probably the most important tip I can give you! There are a lot more places that give discounts than you know off! Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any. Again, this is not going to last forever! Once you graduate, that discount goes bye bye and you’re paying full price again.

10. Try Different Coffees at Atomic

First of all, amazing coffee! As a busy college kid, I literally live off caffeine. Atomic may be a tad pricey, but their drinks are delicious. They mix their drinks with chocolate milk instead of white milk and it makes it 10 times better! I may be a little biased, but the Nutty Professor is my all-time favorite!

11. Figure out who you are

College is the time to figure out who you are and who you want to be. You have had four years to figure this out, so your Senior year is the time to wrap it up and figure out who you want to be! Find your path in life and take it! You are going to be an adult and that means responsibility, so take these next couple months and think hard.

12. Thank your Teachers

Lastly, thank those teachers for everything they have done for you. There are always teachers that you don’t like that much, but you have to realize they taught you things that you didn’t know you needed to know. Also, thank those teachers that you loved! They are always there for you so take advantage of that and thank them.