What better way to unwind on a Friday night, than by watching a movie about food… while eating food? Each movie gives a unique perspective on food and the culinary world, providing entertainment for every type of foodie out there.

4 Documentaries for the Aspiring Restauranteur Foodie:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you love eating sushi, then add this movie to the  must-watch list. Follow Jiro Ono as he pursues mastering the art of sushi making. This documentary reveals how Jiro has transformed sushi, a humble Japanese street food, into a three Michelin star deserving delicacy, chased after by many.

Spinning Plates

Experience the passion and dedication that connects three completely different restaurants: Alinea, Breitbach’s, and La Cocina de Gabby.

Kings of Pastry

This is the real Top Chef: Just Desserts. Watch 16 French Pastry Chefs prepare for the olympics of the pastry world, also known as Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Competition (Best Craftsmen in France), all for a chance to earn the elusive red, blue, and white collar worn only by the best of chefs.

The Mind of a Chef

Busted: The Mind of a Chef is not a movie but a PBS TV series. However, it is available on Netflix to binge watch, and trust me, you will. Learn the thought process for innovative cuisine and delicious food from chefs such as David Chang, owner of the Momofuku restaurant chain.

4 Documentaries for the Local, Sustainable, Organic Foodie:

Sushi: The Global Catch

Over the last 60 years, sushi has grown enormously in popularity around the world. With the growing demand comes the need for a larger supply of high quality, sushi grade fish.

Food Inc.

Debuting in 2008, Food Inc. is the first documentary of its kind: it exposes the secrets behind the modern food chain. Dive into the cooperate food industry and learn about the unbelievable journey that food must take to end up on your dining room table.

Warning: you may not want to eat for a while post movie viewing.

Food Matters

Along with Food Inc. comes Food Matters, which explains how the modern day diet is affecting our health. This documentary sheds light about how we may be contributing to the vicious cycle of overconsumption of food to medication and the long term ramifications this poses.

Hungry for Change

A sequel, if you will, to Food Matters, Hungry for Change focuses in on the sugar pandemic and how its overconsumption is affecting our health. In turn, this documentary uncovers the secrets behind the diet and weight loss industry.

4 Movies for the Hollywood Foodie:

Julie and Julia

Two women from two generations with a love of cooking, and more importantly eating. Tired of her nine to five desk job, Julie Powell decides to tackle every single recipe in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in just a year. As Powell works her way through each recipe, the life of Julia Child comes to life as she learns how to cook at Le Cordon Bleu and write the book itself.


Who doesn’t love a rat who not only can talk, but has an exquisite palate and can whip out amazing dishes? Ratatouille is a heartfelt movie about Remy, the world’s most unlikely chef, who is willing to overcome any obstacle to achieve his dream of being a chef.

The Hundred Foot Journey

Follow Hassan Kadam’s epic culinary career from learning by his mother’s side to becoming the executive chef of a michelin star restaurant. The Hundred Foot Journey highlights everything we love about food: its ability to evoke our emotions, memories, and senses.


This 2014 hit is not only hilarious and heart-warming, but serves up some amazing looking dishes. Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) is a burnt out executive chef who quits his job to open a food truck. As he travels across the country with his son, his journey revitalizes his passion for cooking and opens his eyes to the world beyond the kitchen.

Snacks to accompany your upcoming foodie movie marathon: