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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who love Halloween, and those who don't. For those who love it, you have for sure had your costume picked out since August. But for the rest of you, well, there's no time like the present to raid your closet and throw something together. Or, you could get on Amazon and order a costume that comes in roughly two days (with Prime) that's already put together for you in a nice plastic package. Seeing that Spoon University is a website dedicated to good eats, may we suggest going as your favorite food? Take the phrase "lookin' like a snack" to a whole new (literal) level with these 10 last minute Halloween costumes. 

Venti Coffee


Buy on Amazon for $29.99 

Go as your real college mascot: a venti coffee. By now, this far into the semester, your body is basically half coffee anyways, right? 

#SpoonTip: Scribble your name on the side (bonus points if it's spelled wrong). 

Avocado Toast


Buy on Amazon for $30.95

Be the millennial dream—avocado toast. This costume is perfect for a cold night when you want to keep warm, or shall we say, toasty? 



Buy on Amazon for $49.98

Amazon Review: "To be honest, I expected cheap junk, but was pleasantly surprised. This thing is a sort of foam/polyester that folds down easily and is very lightweight, but it looks good, holds its shape, and is pretty comfortable. It was a hit as a Halloween costume. One note, the backside is just solid purple/pink, with no text or graphics. If you wear this for Halloween, buy a bunch of Nerds candy to hand out, because everyone you see will ask."



Buy on Amazon for $31.27

Amazon Review: "The material was T-shirt thin but not too thin at all. The hat has a built in headband so it stays secure. This costume was a hit at my party! I would totally recommend."

Sushi Roll


Buy on Amazon for $39.99

Are you more of a California, Spicy Shrimp Tempura, or a chef's choice sushi roll? Be whatever you want to be in this easy one piece costume. 

Pepperoni Pizza


Buy on Amazon for $39.99

Amazon Review: "If you’re a pizza lover like me, this onesie is for you!!!!! It makes me want to have a pizza party just so I can wear this in front of people. Hahaha. The material is actually really amazing its great quality and has a zipper + pockets! (Onesies with pockets are always a win in my book!)"

Milk & Cookies


Buy on Amazon for $39.99

Like most of these, this couple's costume is minimal effort, maximum greatness. The milk goes overhead like a shirt and the cookie goes on like a backwards backpack, so make sure you have something to wear underneath. 


Buy it on Amazon for $59.95 Amazon Review: "Feels like a good quality, not see through at all, and [is] long enough to dance in."

Gumball Machine


Buy it on Amazon for $29.95

Amazon Review: "This costume is super cute for the somewhat affordable price! From what my friends have seen (I sent pictures over Snapchat to show them before Halloween) — they love it!"

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Buy it on Amazon for $35.06

Amazon Review: "I really liked these costumes. They are funny and unique, yet require no work. The backsides have little going on and when we were separated, some people didn't quite know what each of were. But, when together, it was definitely a big hit. The print was quite realistic looking and the fit would accommodate many sizes and shapes."

The Kool-Aid Man


Buy on Amazon for $76.00

Amazon Review: "It's a great costume that was poorly made, but I can't complain. I got so many "OHHH YEEAAAHHHs" that the costume paid for itself. 10/10 would recommend."

Whole Turkey


Buy it on Amazon for $108.57

Amazon Review: "I was more pleased with this product than most people could imagine. It's utterly ridiculous, and almost heinous, but absolutely amazing. I was surprised at how well I could see out the square netting face hole. Hand use is limited, but that don't matter none. The amount of laughs you will get out of this thing is incomparable."