Baking is a big part of the holiday season for me. Between coming home from school and the day after Christmas I'm in the kitchen every day cranking out bars, cookies, and tarts.

Since I have to bake dozens of batches of Christmas cookies every year, I tend to get bored of the run of the mill classics like sugar cookies or peanut butter blossoms pretty quickly. It was only recently that I've realized that there must be a wealth of international holiday cookies that I've been ignoring. 

Here are 12 international holiday classics to try out for your next cookie swap or holiday party.

1. German Pfeffernüsse

This traditional cookie, made with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom, is tied to Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. They're traditionally eaten during the feast of Sinterklaas or on Christmas day and have been around since the mid 1800s.

This twist to Pfeffernusse is the white pepper that gives it its name and distinct flavor. Here's a recipe so you can try out this delicious spice cookie.

2. Malawian Mbatata

Sweet potato is the key ingredient in this cookie from Malawi. Flavored with cinnamon and occasionally raisins, this slightly cakey cookie is perfect for those who like prefer their cookies a little less sweet.

Malawi is known as "The Warm Heart of Africa" due to its people's friendliness and hospitality so Malawians cut out their mbatata into hearts. Whip up a batch of mbatata and have a taste of Malawi this holiday season. 

3. Chinese Almond Cookies

Originating in 16th century China and actually using walnut instead of almonds, this cookie is a simple yet delicious pick for your next cookie party. 

Make sure to bake these, the almond at the center of the cookie is thought to bring good luck, and who doesn't need luck around the holidays? 

4. Sicilian Cucciadatta 

Filled with nuts and dried fruit and topped with a sprinkles, Cucciadatta are the perfect sweet treat for your holiday spread. 

This cookie is pretty on its own, and it has a sweet surprise on the inside, make sure to add it to your table this year. 

5. Polish Chrusciki 

Also known as Angel Wings, Chrusciki are little fried strips of holiday cheer. These are perfect if you're craving fried dough all year long. 

Not overly intensive, these cookies are great if you're trying to figure out any last minute additions to your desserts. 

6. Welsh Tea Cakes

Simple yet delicious, these Welsh classics are often paired with a nice cup of tea. Not overly sweet and dotted with raisins, these are a great break from the piles of sweets on your table.

These are known to be great to make with kids, so why not make these with your family this holiday season? 

7. Serbian Vanilice

With a jam filling and nutty sweetness, this small Serbian cookie is also known as "Little Vanillas." 

The most traditional jam fillings are apricot and rose hip, but you can fill these little cookies with whatever your favorite holiday jams are when you make these

8. Argentinian Alfajores

Dulce de leche is the shining star in this cookie. Simple yet delicious, Alfajores from South America prove that you don't need anything too fancy to make your holiday delicious. 

They can also be rolled in unsweetened coconut flakes to finish them, making them the perfect addition to your holiday party. 

9. Italian Pizzelles

Light and crisp with a nice anise flavor, these Italian classics won't weigh you down after you stuff yourself this holiday season. 

Although you may need a pizzelle iron to make this italian classic, this may be an excuse to get a great holiday gift for the baker in your life.

10.  Russian Pryaniki

Pryaniki are a Russian spice cookie that are also known as honey bread. They are similar to German Pfeffernüsse but have more of a honey flavor and are sometimes filled with jam. 

They're known to be a great accompiant to a warm cup of tea, so hunker down this holiday break and whip up a batch of pryaniki. 

11. Haitian Bonbon Amidon

These melt-in-your-mouth cookies from Haiti are made with starch and yucca flour and flavored with warming spices and a zing of citrus, making them a truly unique and delicious addition to your holiday season.

These cookies from Haiti are packed with flavor and calling your name, so why not make them this holiday break? 

12. Filipino Lengua de Gato

These cookies are perfect for the cat lover in your life, their name comes from their long shape looking similar to a cat's tongue.

Make sure you keep an eye on these while they bake, they're thin so they burn easy but these sweet vanilla cookies are worth it. 

These cookies can be made at any time, but the holiday season is the best time to get together with your family and bake some of these international classics.