While Friday is undoubtedly our favorite day of the week, this past one was probably our most favorite Friday of all. That’s because this past Friday, October 24 was National Food Day, a holiday devoted to celebrating food while raising awareness on policies and healthy eating. To promote this brilliant holiday, we had a competition on Instagram to win a Whole Foods gift card. As you all obviously know based on the whopping number of photos tagged with #SpoonFoodDay, every dollar counts when it comes to Whole Foods. It was a rough battle, but a winner was decided. But since it was so hard to just pick one, check out these other tasty pics you all shared for Food Day.

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This cupcake is clearly ready for its close-up.

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Eye spy with my little eye…BACON. Here are 28 creative ways you can incorporate bacon into other dishes besides pasta.

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Skittles are overrated. Macarons are clearly the more superior way to taste the rainbow.

“A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at the Ritz.” We feel you, Humphrey Bogart.

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You know what to do with that big fat bun – eat it eat it eat it.

Everyone is rightfully obsessed with slutty brownies. Looking to make your own? Check out our recipe.

It’s like the edible form of Hansel and Gretel, except way cuter.

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All you really need in life is a pastry the size of your face.

There’s a lot of stuff on this plate so we’ll break it down for you. You’re looking at garlic sautéed veggies sprinkled with ground pepper, a runny egg, and baked kabocha squash. And you thought healthy food couldn’t make you drool.

The best forms of school spirit are ones you can eat.

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The most perfect ice cream sandwich we ever did see. Looking to stock up on ice cream sandwiches? Check out our official ranking of ice cream sandwiches.

Drumroll, please. Here’s the pic of our winner again. This is a whole wheat pita topped with a butternut squash and pumpkin spread, with kale, peppers, broccoli, zucchini, green peas, tempeh, and Balsamic vinegar.

Well folks, thats a wrap on Food Day 2014. Start getting excited for next year’s giveaway and make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated on everything food.