There is nothing like snuggling up to your favorite holiday movie with blanket in hand. But what if you are tired of eating the same snack with those movies? Forget popcorn or trail mix, try these foods that pair well with these holiday movies for twelve days of Christmas.

Day 1: Polar Express & Hot Chocolate

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Who could resist even thinking about warm velvety hot chocolate when the train conductor breaks out into the, “Hot Chocolate” song? The songs in Polar Express and its message can warm your heart just like the perfect hot chocolate concoction. Ditch the instant packets, and try this homemade recipe.

Day 2: Elf & Spaghetti

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There is no elf that loved spaghetti more than Buddy. In fact, he adds probably the most disturbing plethora of toppings to his spaghetti like syrup, candy and marshmallows. For this viewing experience hold the sweet toppings and try this recipe for creamy roasted red pepper spaghetti.

Day 3: How the Grinch Stole Christmas & Sour Candy Canes

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While sour candy canes are not seen in the movie, we can all agree that when the Grinch steals all the Who’s presents he makes us all pucker our lips. Enjoy a variety of sour candy cane brands like Sour Patch Kids, Warheads or Trolli Sour Brite. It’ll have your face grimacing right along with the Grinch.

Day 4: A Christmas Story & Fudge

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I guarantee this movie will be playing on repeat on some network before Christmas day comes. Instead of drinking ovaltine to get the secret code, enjoy Ralphie’s accidental cursing with his, “Ooooh fudge.” But I won’t dare repeat what he actually says.

Day 5: Gremlins & Chinese Food

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. Is Gremlins really a Christmas movie? I mean, at least I think so. Christmas definitely takes place during the movie and there is lots of snow so, let’s say that it is. Enjoy the culture that brought us Gizmo, the “mogwai,” by eating Chinese food. Just remember not to eat it after midnight.

Day 6: A Nightmare Before Christmas & Pumpkin Pie

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There is no movie that brings together the two best holidays like this movie. Christmas and Halloween are my favorite, and Jack Skellington seems to agree. Avoid going through your pantry exclaiming, “What’s this?” by deciding on the perfect snack for this movie. Celebrate the festive nature of Christmas and the pumpkin king himself with a perfect slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.

Day 7: A Christmas Carol & Turkey

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Probably the most remade Christmas tale ever, A Christmas Carol has a number of versions that you may choose to watch. My favorite would be the adaptation from 2009 starring Scrooge voiced by Jim Carrey. Don’t be a scrooge and choose the Tiny Tim turkey for this viewing. Gather with family and friends with a hearty roasted turkey everyone can enjoy.

Day 8: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & Red M&M’s

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Rudolph had a nose that was red, round and shined brightly. He managed to save Christmas despite being teased by the other reindeer. Celebrate this underdog by watching the movie and munching on some red M&M’s.

Day 9: Frosty the Snowman & Marshmallows

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Every time I watch a movie with snow or snowmen, it makes me want to eat marshmallows. Soft and sweet, the marshmallow is just like Frosty’s giving nature. Celebrate him by snacking on these pillowy treats.

Day 10: Home Alone & Pizza

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When you are an 8 year-old and your mom leaves you all alone at home, what is a young boy to do? Well, besides outsmarting thieves, I would guess that he would order himself some pizza. Try ordering at your favorite pizza place or make your own tasty pizza pie creation.

Day 11: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe & Turkish Delight

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Again, this movie is a questionable holiday movie. However, Father Christmas is a character and they are in a winter wonderland for most of the film. Feel Edmund’s betrayal by eating his chosen prize, turkish delight. Personally, I would’ve betrayed my family for sushi, but ya know.

Day 12: Charlie Brown Christmas & Christmas Shaped Sugar Cookies


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Much like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree these sugar cookies don’t have to be perfectly shaped. In fact, make them frumpy looking on purpose. It’s a fun way to celebrate how the holidays aren’t always going to be perfect, but much like this movie if you enjoy it with the right people it can be great.

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