Nashville is notoriously known for its country twang and southern tradition. No southern hub is complete without an abundance of amazing, indulgent southern-style eateries and Nashville is no exception. From Hattie B’s infamous fried chicken to Loveless Cafe’s unparalleled biscuits, it can be easy to overlook the equally as enticing healthier options. So, we made it easy for you. Read on to discover 12 of Nashville’s hidden gems for healthy smoothies and juice.

1. Urban Juicer


Photo courtesy of @theurbanjuicer on Instagram

Although known for their juice cleanses, the Urban Juicer offers a full menu of smoothies and juices. They focus on customizing their products to their clientele while using the freshest ingredients. With locations on 8th St. and East Nashville, there’s sure to be a convenient Urban Juicer location for you.

2. Coco Greens


Photo courtesy of @coco_greens on Instagram

This raw and vegan restaurant located just minutes from Vandy’s campus not only offers health-conscious food but also has an extensive juice, smoothie and acai bowl menu. Although their cold pressed juices are their most popular, you can find what ever fruity blend you desire here. Bonus: Coco Greens is attached to a spa so if you’re really looking to treat yourself, schedule a massage and follow it with whatever fruity blend you please.

3. juice.


Photo courtesy of @amberulmer on Instagram

Being the first cold-pressed juicer in Nashville, juice knows how to make a mean juice. They have an extensive menu of juices, so whether you’re feeling a green or fruity juice, they’ll be sure to have whatever you need to feel rejuvenated and cleansed after a weekend of going out.

4. Juice Bar


Photo courtesy of @ilovejuicebar on Instagram

With multiple locations, including one in Green Hills and one coming soon to the Gulch, Juice Bar offers all things healthy including juices, smoothies, acai bowls and fresh organic food. Juice Bar was started by a young couple, which makes it’s story ten times cuter.

5. Barry’s Bootcamp


Photo courtesy of @m.brean on Instagram

As an avid Barry’s boot camper, I can’t deny that one of the reasons I keep going back is because of the smoothies offered at the FuelBar. They have every kind of flavor and nutrient combination, so whether you’re looking for a dessert-like protein shake or a green juice, they’ll have you covered. There really is nothing better than walking out of a tough class to see your smoothie order waiting for you on the counter. Bonus: FuelBar staff often draws a surprise message on your smoothie.

6. Daily Juice


Photo by Gab Levitt

Daily Juice started in Austin, TX and just opened here in Nashville. I used to go here at least twice a week every week while I was growing up for after school snacks, so naturally I am thrilled that they opened one here. Daily Juice has an extensive menu of smoothies, juices and acai bowls and their blends are truly amazing. If you’re looking for a smoothie that will change your life, please try the Subliminator. Trust me. They also offer juice cleanses and meal plans.

7. Whole Foods Market


Photo courtesy of @wonderfullymesb on Instagram

Is there anything Whole Foods doesn’t do?! Growing up in Austin where Whole Foods first got its start, I have been getting smoothies from the infamous grocery store for years. You can create your own smoothie or juice or choose one of their signature blends for a sweet healthy treat. Whole Foods also sells a wide variety of brands of fresh cold-pressed juice in addition to offering their own blending. Pro tip: buy a single serving packet of granola while you’re there and sprinkle it on the top of your smoothie… yum!

8. The Turnip Truck


Photo courtesy of @tothefaceee on Instagram

The Turnip Truck is a local organic grocer that, much like Whole Foods, makes custom juices and smoothies as well as sells local, organic cold-pressed juice. Their ingredients are always fresh and local and their signature blends are perfection.

9. Atmalogy


Photo by Samantha Soloway

Known by many for its craft lattes and avocado toast, Atmalogy also offers the acai bowl pictured above as well as a variety of different juices and smoothies. The vibes in the small local cafe are amazing (can you say pillow room?!) and it makes for a great place to do work or catch up with friends on a lazy morning.

10. Franklin Juice


Photo courtesy of @jmichaelmitch on Instagram

Although the physical location is in Franklin which isn’t exactly in close proximity to Vanderbilt, Franklin Juice Co. does have a truck that can often be found in the Gulch serving up fresh juice, smoothies and acai bowls. The company found its fame with their impeccable juices but has recently gained recognition for its to-die-for acai bowls. Seriously, they look like they’re straight from Hawaii. And they taste like it too.

11. Lynne Lorraine’s


Photo courtesy of @lindseyjoy09 on Instagram

Lynne Lorraine’s is a local juicer located in East Nashville. They serve juices, smoothies and pitaya bowls made from local, organic produce and focus on the sustainability of their ingredients. They also have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with healthy items like quinoa and kale salad, chia pudding and avocado toast.

12. Avo


Photo courtesy of @eatavo on Instagram

This hip new raw and vegan restaurant offers a variety of cold-pressed juices as well the acai bowl seen above. This elaborate and tasty bowl is on their brunch menu only, so make sure and go Sunday morning to get your fix.

As you can see, Nashville is not deprived of delicious places serving juice, smoothies and acai bowls. So get out there and try one!