In the past couple of years, posting artsy food pics on Instagram has blown up — people will flock to popular restaurants and bakeries just to get a picture of "that thing we saw on Insta." Rainbow bagels, freak milkshakes, and latte art have made food Instagrams some of the most popular accounts on the interweb. 

Austin, Texas is arguably one of the best cities to live in if you're a foodie, which means there are a million different food Instagram accounts out there — we've filtered out the best ones for you so your Insta feed doesn't become an endless loop of food you don't have.

1. @thefoodtwinz

The Food Twinz follow the eats of Emily and Rebecca Fu, two students at the University of Texas — they also happen to be proud members of Spoon Texas. They document their foodie adventures with beautiful flat lays, strategic plate placement, and warm-toned hues. You make Spoon Texas proud, Food Twinz!  

2. @shelbysorrel

Follow Shelby if you want to brighten up your feed — her pictures pop up at you as soon as you scroll past them, and her food pics will leave you drooling. Check her out for all things food and fun in Austin.

3. @atasteofkoko

A food and travel blogger, Jane Ko calls Austin, Texas her home. She runs A Taste of Koko, a top food and travel blog with tons of helpful and informative articles about everything Austin. Her Instagram posts feature beautiful spreads at all the newest restaurants, complete with strategic hand placements and bright, vibrant colors.

4. dinewithshayda

Shayda Torabi is another notable Austin food blogger, who documents her adventures via Instagram story and keeps you up-to-date on happy hours and new restaurant openings. Check out her blog if you want extensive reviews, tips, and even more beautiful food pics.

5. @eatingatx

Racking up almost 39,000 Instagram followers, the two sisters behind EatingATX have got #doitforthegram to a tee. You won't just find food on this Instagram — you'll find decadent, over-the-top, saliva-inducing food pictures. If you ever want to go all out, head to their page.

6. @texasfoodgawker

We've all been there before — you head to a popular restaurant you've seen on Instagram, but you don't know what to order. Focusing on singular dishes, this Instagram account will take away that anxiety and make sure you know what to order at every restaurant. 

7. @bestfoodaustin

Basically a food guide in picture form, Best Food Austin is a community-based Instagram run by three community leaders. If you don't live in Austin (please don't move here, traffic sucks enough as it is), there's a @bestfooddallas, @bestfoodchicago, @bestfoodny, etc. to keep you updated on all the big foodie cities.

8. @austinmymouth

While Kelli hits all the most popular restaurants like any good foodie, her pictures are worth the follow. She doesn't skimp out on the dishes either, and goes all out in the true spirit of doing it for the 'gram. 

9. @coupleinthekitchen

Gavin and Karen are ultimate #relationshipgoals. Their Instagram is dedicated to sharing photos of popular dishes at restaurants as well as shots of their own recipes, which can be found on their blog. In addition to whipping up delicious homemade food, they also do quite a bit of traveling, which means more pictures of all the different types of cuisines they encounter on their trips. 

10. @juliet_ate_romeo

A twist on the classic love story, Juliet Ate Romeo asks the important question — wherefore art thou kitchen? Personally, I really enjoy her Instagram because there's a well-rounded mix of beautiful healthy brunch spreads as well as close-ups of burgers, fries, and ice cream.

11. 512_eats

This Instagram account follows five anonymous Austin foodies — more people = more food, which is always a good thing, right? They hit up some of the fancier restaurants as well as local joints, so you know they're legit.

12. @cakesbyhayshu

Hailey Shuster—an Austin-based cake decorator and full-time college student—is the mastermind behind Cakes by Hayshu, an account that blows our minds with its homemade cakes and desserts. From cakes featuring Kim Kardashian's butt to this beautiful 3D succulent cake, it's definitely an Instagram worthy of a follow.