Until recently, the rite of passage that is “Bring Your Own Cup Day” at 7-11 was only a thing in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Now, 2015 will forever be remembered as the year the United States showed the rest of the world what gluttony really means.

1. The dude who found the best excuse to skip leg day


Photo courtesy of Brandon McNeal

Making gains and freezing brains. The only way this guy’s post-workout cool down could’ve been any better would be if he took an ice bath in the beautiful concoction.

2. The woman who made every day leg day


Photo courtesy of Gwen Shere

Kinda like the leg lamp, but less fra-gee-lay. And it’s from 7-11 rather than Italy.

3. The guy who REALLY makes every day leg day


Photo Courtesy of Cheron Lewis

When #1 and #2 are compared to Australian paralympic swimmer Sam Bramham, they…well, you can say they don’t have a leg to stand on.

4. The mom who realizes you only get to be a kid once


Photo courtesy of Lily Navarro

This is one of those nights that you get a babysitter and say you “just don’t know what got into them” when you hear the report of how absolutely out of their minds they were.

5. The guy who remembered today was 4/20

This guy does #711 #BringYourOwnCup Day right. ————– #Slurpee #420 #bong #bongwater #becauseigothigh

A photo posted by The Gongshow (@the.gongshow) on

I’m sure this Slurpee is for medicinal purposes only. Good luck blaming your bloodshot eyes on allergy season.  

6. The guy who made sure his Slurpee game was fresh (and wrinkle free)

#bringyourowncupday A photo posted by greyism (@yunggreysocks) on

Somebody needs to invent Slurpee pods and credit me with the idea. The tides are changing.

7. The couple who isn’t as concerned with freshness

White people #bringyourowncupday A photo posted by WhiteVsBlack (@whitevsblackinst) on

Once you add up the cost of plumbing and the almost certain trip to the doctor’s office, that $1.49 any size Slurpee gets a little more expensive. Worth it all the same.

8. The bro who found the one thing better than alcohol to fill his cooler with


Photo courtesy of Reid Clark

You already know who all the girls are gonna be flocking to during beach week.

9. The guy who found the one thing better than alcohol to fill his alcohol with


Photo courtesy of Gabriel Downs

Notice the heavenly glow around the Slurpee. That’s no coincidence. This stuff is food of the gods.

10. The dude who finally found his muse


Photo courtesy of Ian Orcutt

Say cello to my little friend.

11. The man who may just have discovered the solution for world peace

A photo posted by Joe Correnti (@joecistheman) on

2015 is indeed a monumental year for Murica. To any brave souls who think themselves capable of one-upping these geniuses, I say break a leg. (Just when you thought you were done with leg jokes.)

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