Midterm season is well upon UC Berkeley which means some bears will be moving into the library for the long haul. It's a pain to plan a six-hour nonstop study session in Moffitt, only to get uncomfortably hungry and have to leave. So, here's a list of tips to stay full, healthy, and focused while basically living in the library.

1. Put snacks in your Hydroflask to sneak them in

Chi Le

If you've chosen Main Stacks as your study spot and can't bring food in, remember that the libraries can't deny you water! What better way to descend into the underground than with packs of trail mix stuffed inside your sticker-decorated, opaque water bottle?

2. Get Postmates delivered to Moffitt

pizza, beer, cake
Aubrey Miller

You read that right. Postmates will deliver directly to the 24-hour library when even waiting in line at FSM seems to be putting too much of a dent into your study time. 

3. Reserve a study room for big meals

Chi Le

Want to bring an entire pizza for you and a friend (or just you), but don't want to face the stares of jealous fellow library goers? Reserve a study room so you can chat, work, and most importantly eat in peace. 

4. Reward completed tasks with snacks

Chi Le

If you've got a long to-do list with three midterms in a single week, bring snacks in small packages and use them as study rewards. Twenty pages read? That sounds worthy of a pack of pretzels. 

5. Prioritize brain food

Chi Le

Strada's carrot cake looks really good after a few hours in Wurster, but remember that food is fuel and loading up on sugar can be detrimental to your focus levels. Instead, pack fruit in your backpack before you establish yourself in a study space. 

6. Find stress-reducing foods, not substances

blackberry, bilberry, sweet, blueberry, pasture, berry
Jocelyn Hsu

The third cup of coffee is tempting. However, instead of suppressing your diet and potentially feeding your stress, try these foods known to help reduce stress.

7. Don't forget to clean up after yourself and be respectful

Chi Le

Remember that the library is everyone's space. So eat, but make sure you follow the library's food and drink guidelines and use the space responsibly. 

With 27 libraries on Berkeley's campus, there's a place to late-night study (and late-night snack) for everyone. Just remember that while moving into the library may seem like the right move under stress, taking study breaks outside or grabbing a meal with a friend could be better for your health and your studies.