It’s almost time for the examination season. Almost time for submitting all those last-minute assignments and finishing up those presentations, projects and papers (and whatever else it is that you try to finish up at the eleventh hour). All of us can feel the heat of the imminent doom that will hit us like a hurricane in a month or so. 

Trust me when I say this, I know people who study the entire night one night before their exam and still have the energy to go and write and their exam the next day. To me, that’s always seemed like some kind of sorcery. But that doesn’t mean it is. All we need are the right guidance and resources.

As we crash into the all-nighter season, here are some tips we can use to make it through those sleepless days.

1. Don't hit the snooze button. 

It is believed that by trying to catch up on sleep by opting for snooze, you put your body into more short sleep cycles, thereby making the situation worse.

2. Drink water throughout the day.

water cup, glass, ice, iced water, beer, water
Jocelyn Hsu

Water hydrates your body and makes you feel more active and refreshed.

3. Take a cold shower. 

Cold water stimulates the body and makes you feel fresh. Also, keep washing your face throughout the day to feel more active.

3. Start your morning with some light exercise (such as walking or jogging). 

fitness, water, Sneakers, hydration, hydrate, gym, Work Out, exercise, music, motivation, working out, Exercising
Denise Uy

Fresh air and morning light work together to make you feel more energized. Light exercise also increases blood flow which reduces fatigue. But don’t overdo it, as that might tire you out even more.

5. Have a light and healthy breakfast. 

breakfast, study, cafe, computer, laptop, bagel, bread
Denise Uy

A good breakfast provides a good start to your day. Keep it light, as a heavy meal will slow down your metabolism and make you feel more sleepy.

6. Caffeine is key. 

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha, cream
Ruby Siegel

Keep filling yourself up with strong black coffee or tea for those doses of energy and attentiveness.

7. Don't over-exert yourself. 

beer, coffee, tea
Katie Jannotta

Keep your activity schedule light and preserve your energy.

8. Breathe deeply whenever you begin to feel drowsy.

Deep breathing relaxes the mind and the body and boosts energy. That GIF though… It soothes all my senses.

9. Listen to some upbeat music. 

That’s what I do when I feel tired and exhausted.

10. Have an energy drink. 

If nothing else seems to work, there’s always Red Bull.

11. Try to catch some sleep at the end of the day.

If you’re into all-nighters, try pulling them off on alternate nights. Going without sleep for too long can be hazardous for your health, so avoid that as much as you can.