Fish kind of gets a bad rap for not looking pretty all the time despite being delicious. Here are some #SpoonFeed photos of the week that prove it’s worth it.

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Good ‘ol shrimp ‘n grits. Here’s a twist on the original you should make at home.

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Oh yeah, we can get down with this. Because you should def know, here’s how to cook shrimp.

The sushiritto, aka the greatest invention by man. Here’s how to make it in less than fifteen minutes.

Taco Tuesday, anyone?

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Look at dat hot buttered brioche. There could be something about the lobster roll we aren’t thinking about.

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Our fave aphrodisiac. Here are some others, in case you need ’em.

So beautiful. So pure. If you’re a sushi noob, read up.

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I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby. Blackened shrimp and scallop fondue, anyone?

This baegel is lookin’ fine. Clearly bagels are better than boys.

We love you too, sushi. Here’s how to become a sushi master.

The tentacles are the best. Yet another ingredient you didn’t know you loved.

See? Seafood isn’t that bad. The more you know. You could know more if you follow us on Instagram, just saying.