Memorial Day has passed, but we both know your grill has a lot of work ahead of it. Since summer has only just started, you’re gonna need some inspiration. Here’s some sexy #SpoonFeed burgers of the week to help you out.

When in doubt, get In-N-Out. And because anyone would like to take In-N-Out home, here’s how to make your own animal style fries.

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This 100% Angus burger with arugula, aged white cheddar, grilled onions, chimichurri and mayo is making us wild.

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Okay so technically this isn’t a burger, but it’s a beautiful mountain of meat that cannot be neglected.

@arjieljosephfg is one of the finest food photographers out there and if you aren’t following him on Insta, you are definitely missing out.

Shake Shack is our best friend and we’re not ashamed.

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So that oozy cheese and sausage is cool and all, but the star of this ensemble is clearly the homemade brioche. You go, @foodandfrenchies.

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Don’t neglect the beauty of the Ramburger, little boy. You probably knew ramen was magical, but here are seven ways you never thought you could use it.

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We knew Italian food was bomb and all, but this burger with crispy ravioli, fresh mozzarella, pancetta, basil aioli and tomato sauce is wrecking us right now.

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This is a double bacon BBQ chicken nugget mozzarella cheese stick burger. @peepmysneaks is undoubtedly the king of burgers.

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Ahi burgers are fresh to death. Here’s some other alternatives to switch up your burgers.

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The fact that there are three burgers and only two orders of fries shows some serious restraint.

Well, you know what this means – time to stock up on the charcoal and get planning one of the several barbecues we hope you host this year. Check out our delicious #SpoonFeed on our Instagram page to take a page out of our book.

Here’s some other things you’ve got to try on the grill besides burgers: