If you’re studying biology, geology, environmental science or another hard science, chances are you have lab courses or research that requires some work in the great outdoors. With all the field work in your future, you needs some snacks that are as badass as mother nature.


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Every trailblazer’s favorite snack: Good ‘Ol Raisins and Peanuts. Although the acronym spells out a a set recipe, GORP has evolved to include an assortment of nutty snacks, including granola. No matter what you like, remember to make it yourself and tailor it to your specific taste. A personal favorite is granola, M&M’s, pistachios, cashews and chunks of dried figs.


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It’s savory, it’s portable, it’s sturdy, it’s the perfect high protein snack to keep you full all day long. You can go for the big brand stuff we all know and love, or you can mix it up a bit. Try some new flavors or different proteins. Turkey jerky is surprisingly delicious with a whole lot less fat.

Dried Fruit

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The last thing you want in your pack is bruised, spoiled fruit. For a naturally sweet treat, make sure to pack plenty of your favorite dehydrated fruit. Apricots, raisins, figs, dates, apples, pineapple, crystalized ginger, mango or craisins are all delicious ways to get your fruit on the go. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make your own dehydrator and dry out your favorite local fruits.

Power Bars

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Another classic snack among those who lead an active lifestyle, power bars are a quick and convenient way to get a boost of energy. There are plenty of fantastic brands to chose from, but it’s always better to make your own. You can control the ingredients and maximize your protein and fiber without all of the processed sugars.

Bean Salad

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Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, and even better at fending off hunger. There are so many beans to choose from and a slew of fantastic recipes. They’re sturdy, easy to carry and taste incredible, not to mention they’re packed with protein and vegan friendly (let’s be honest, declaring a science major increases your chance of vegetarianism significantly).

Quinoa Tabbouleh

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Speaking of a salad that’s sturdy and vegan friendly, quinoa is the grain of choice among crunchy granola folk. Most people have a favorite way to prepare it, but if you find yourself new to the quinoa game, check out a recipe for quinoa tabbouleh. It’s a new take on everyone’s favorite Middle-Eastern salad that’s sure to satisfy you in the field.

Coffee or Tea

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Hydration is key, but when you’re working in the field, getting out before the sun is blazing is crucial. For a long day of early work, make sure to pack yourself some caffeinated beverages to get you through all of your measurements.

Spiced Chickpeas

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Everyone deserves a snack to keep them focused, but chips and other crunchy goods can get crumpled and take up a lot of space in your bag. Instead, make yourself some spiced chickpeas for a crunch that is just as satisfying, but saves space.


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Wraps can be tricky. The key is to minimize the amount of moisture you put in them. Otherwise, your wrap will get soggy and your lunch won’t be as much fun. If you dry out your lettuce, avoid wet vegetables like tomatoes, and limit the amount of stuff you put in them, they’re the optimal sandwich-like meal for the undergrad on the go.

DIY Poptarts


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Unusual? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. They’re a little bit of work, but well worth your time. You deserve some dessert after all the sweat, spiders and sandstone you had to deal with. A homemade hand-pie is just the answer and requires no utensils.


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Not only is it an energy-dense snack that will put a pep in your step at a moment’s notice, it’s scientifically proven to make you happier. Everyone loves chocolate, so make your field experience the best that it can be and bring some along. Just make sure to store it in a place where it won’t melt. A melted chocolate bar is a sad chocolate bar.