MasterChef Junior first graced television screens in 2013 and has taken like wildfire ever since. I myself, didn't start watching until season 2 in 2014, but it captured my heart all the same. More than just a cooking competition, MasterChef Junior is an experience. If you don't believe me yet, here are 11 reasons why you should:

1. You fall in love with the contestants first

In most competition shows, you can usually pick your favorites and least-favorites within a few minutes. With MasterChef Junior, you just fall in love with all of them. The first two episodes consist of the young cooks "battling" in the kitchen for that coveted white apron. Literally half of the contestants you see won't even be in the main competition, yet you can't help but want everyone to win. And if that wasn't enough: all the kids are extremely adorable!

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2. You get inspiration for your kitchen

The contestants range in age from 8-13 years old, but these kids have sophisticated palettes. You're bound to get inspiration for new recipes to try. From vegan burgers to sushi or even their signature dish, you'll want to take notes and try these delicious-looking recipes yourself.

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3. It's not all strictly business

One of the things that differentiates MasterChef Junior from its adult predecessor is that it's a lot more fun. Every other episode usually starts with a fun competition like a seven-layer dip relay race or making the most number of perfect corn-dogs in 10 minutes. The winner of these challenges get immunity for the remainder of the episode and huge advantage in the second half of the episode.

There are also tons of shenanigans and jokes all throughout each episode from contestants and judges alike.

4. You can watch Gordon Ramsay be nice for a change

Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for being the Simon Cowell of cooking competitions. With several Michelin stars under his belt, it's understandable that the man has incredibly high standards. Still, it's nice to see Ramsay in a setting where he's encouraging contestants, making them laugh, and fooling around with them. No idiot sandwiches here.

5. The judges always get covered in food at some point

One of my favorite parts of MasterChef Junior is watching Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi, and whoever the third guest judge may be, get covered in pancake syrup or some batter. Sometimes they even get pied. Regardless, it's so entertaining to see some of the top chefs in the industry in such a state.

6. Positive Vibes Only

Unlike most competitions where contestants are at each other's throats, betraying one another, exchanging insults MasterChef Junior doesn't have any of that. The contestants are truly supportive of one another. The kids really are friends, and even when eliminated, show encouragement for the remaining contestants.

7. It will restore your faith in humanity

The biggest contrast from MasterChef that I've noticed is how in MasterChef Junior, the kids are always willing share ingredients with anyone who is lacking, which you never see in its adult counterpart. The whole show is like this. You won't see contestants do anything but lift each other up. It's all group hugs and positive reinforcement.

8. It gives you hope for the future

The kids on this show are truly special. They're mature and wise beyond their years, but they are also so passionate, creative, and want to change the world. Even though only one person gets the title of MasterChef Junior, I believe each contestant on this show is going places.

9. Everyone on this show LOVES food

As a food-lover, you should be watching this! It's full of people who have a passion for food, emphasizing that age doesn't matter when it comes to throwing it down in the kitchen and making something yummy. And it doesn't hurt to learn some of the terminology either.

10. It never loses its childlike wonder

I fell in love with MasterChef because it focuses on home/amateur cooks, and because Gordon Ramsay makes for great television. I fell in love with MasterChef Junior because it inspires children everywhere to chase their dreams. Yes, it is an intense competition, but you never forget that they are just kids who have big dreams. As the season goes on, you see them become better chefs, and you cheer them on, believing in their dream as much as they do.

11. They're kids!

I didn't really start cooking until I was in college. These kids have basically been cooking their whole lives and are already at restaurant-level talent. That is beyond impressive and definitely worth watching.

MasterChef Junior is currently in its sixth season, which premiered in early March. Episodes air on Fridays at 8PM on FOX. You can also catch up on Hulu. 

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