We all have that one friend who even at her craziest, most carefree state, somehow has her sh*t together. She’s the go-to mom in the group, the team manager of every event, and the friend you know you can always rely on.

Here’s an ode to all you moms out there. Thank you for helping everyone in their time of need and thank you for always going above and beyond.

1. She’ll have a bagel and coffee waiting for you


Photo by Max Bartick

Whether you’re just plain hungover or running late for your orgo test and forgot to eat breakfast, your psuedo momma’s got your back. She’ll have a bagel and coffee ready for you, so you can crush your day.

2. She paid for your dinner when you lost your credit card…again


Photo by Abigail Wang

We all have that friend who’s so ditzy you’re surprised when she remembers to put pants on. So of course she’ll leave her credit card at the bar one too many times and someone (aka the mom) will step up to cover her dinner.

3. She has a bag of snacks to prevent your hanger


Photo by Smita Jain

I can’t stress the importance of packing an emergency granola bar in your bag every day to prevent any hanger, but nobody’s perfect, we all forget every now and then. This is when your college mom’s bag of snacks will come in clutch. Home girl never forgets.

4. She called you an Uber after a night out

Photo courtesy of insurify.com

When you’ve had one too many shots and you’re on the verge of going for a pitcher, it’s time to go home. If you stay, you know you’re going to end up crying, throwing up, or with that guy you said you’d never speak to again.

5. She nursed you to health


Photo courtesy of viewpoints.com

Probably one of the saddest parts of getting sick in college is not having your mom there to take care of you. No need to worry too much because the mom of your friend group is most likely on her way to your room with tons of medicines and tissues to make it all go away.

6. She brought you snacks to the library when you were cramming


Photo by Rachel Hartman

We’ve all been there cramming in the library for the next big test, only to realize you forgot to eat. Concentration is slowly dwindling due to your lack of food intake and your hanger is kicking in. Before you even had time to order food, she’s right there with snacks ready to fuel you.

7. She has pizza ready for you after a night out


Photo by Katie Cruz

Late nights out always end with pizza. So why not have it waiting for you upon arrival? And it turns out, she’s got pizza on speed dial.

8. She made sure you all got tickets for the hypest concert in town

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Instead of finding out five days too late about the upcoming Beyonce concert, the mom in your group is saving you from extreme amounts of FOMO by already buying you and all your friends tickets to the show.

9. She booked your Spring Break trip


Photo by Katie Cruz

After one too many group texts fighting about where to go for Spring Break, she took it into her hands to plan and book the entire trip, only to have people pay her back later.

10. She has an endless supply of gum or mints


Photo by Rachel Weitzman

When you’re too nervous to go flirt with your crush, she’ll hand you over a piece of gum to make sure you’re at your prime state. Keepin’ you fresh to death.

11. And all the other little things…

GIF courtesy of glee.wikia.com

She’s been there for you more times than you can even keep track of. Pay her back with a thank you, and maybe even give her some cash to cover your expensive childlike life.

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Shoutout to all the moms out there, you’re the real MVPs.

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