Whether you are from South Campus, North Campus or off-campus, you must have heard these in college. There are things specific to a college, and then there are things that every Delhi University student says. You might think your group is unique. Sorry to disappoint but it’s not… at least in this regard.

Here is a list of things every Delhi University student says:

1. That canteen has better food.

Grass is always greener

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Cannot be a better example of the saying: Grass is always greener on the other side.

Every DU student wished they had the canteen from that other college. Everyone gets bored from the usual dishes on the menu. If you have a café like St. Stephen’s in your college then it’s a different story. Otherwise it’s a safe bet that you are bored of the food in your college.

2. Why are the eating joints so far?

Dine out place

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Whether you have Satyaniketan in front of you or cafes from GTB Nagar at a walking distance, the food joints always seem too far to squeeze in a trip during small breaks. The next lecture always seems closer than the yummy snacks, burgers, pizzas or paranthas. But when has that stopped us? We end up missing that next class after all.

3. The PG people ate my food.

PG room

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Unless you live in a PG, there is a good chance you have a friend who lives in a PG and will give you anything or kill anyone for home cooked food. You just cannot help feel sympathetic and end up giving them your lunch.

4. Treat


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Need more be said? Whether you scored well in an internal or passed a smile to a crush, your friends need a treat for anything and everything. You have to think about the financial outlay of everything good you do and carry money to campus accordingly.

Won a match or an event? Forget the cash prize. You will end up losing money in excess of the cash prize.

5. We will share.

Delhi University

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No matter what place you eat at, you end up sharing dishes either due to low cash or low appetite. That’s when you look at your best friend and say, “Let’s order one more. We will share.” That is a slippery slope and you end up ordering more than you would have individually.

6. Let’s go to Maggi Point.

Delhi University

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Every college, no matter where it is, has a “Maggi Point” and that lucky business owner gets 200% profit by serving the easiest dish that can be made in the world. Knowing this, we still love that place because it’s where we hang out.

It is our very own Central Perk without hot waitresses like Rachel.

6. Who is bringing the cake?

Delhi University

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We know we love our friends when we are willing to carry cake for their birthday when we can barely make it to college on time. This is the cake that you would not get to taste and will end up on your friend’s face, but will be totally worth it.

8. Do we have money left for pizza on the after-party?

Delhi University

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No matter how important the event, money should be left for after-party. No one cares if it comes out of prizes for winners or from any other budget head. The food and everything else at the after-party is top on the priority list of all organisers.

9. It’s 50% off today.

Delhi University

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With fast food joints giving offers more often than ever, you are bound to go to an eating joint just because your friend got a message that “it’s 50% off today.”

They will convince you about how it makes sense logically and economically to go and how foolish you will be to miss such an opportunity (which will be repeated next week and the week after that).

10. No more junk food. I will eat my tiffin from now on.

Junk food

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You will always have a diet conscious foodie who will stop eating junk food from tomorrow.

However they will again find an excuse to go to some eating joint the next day. It could be the fact that classes got over early, there are too many free periods in between or as simple as “My tiffin is cold.” They will find a reason to end up at their favourite place again.

11. They do not serve non-veg.


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Every group has a friend who analyses any restaurant by the number of chicken dishes on their menu. They will go anywhere as long as it does not boast of a “shudh shakahari” board. These are also the people who are frustrated if the college canteen does not have chicken.