One of the best things about traveling is getting to try new cuisine. Unfortunately, however, I don't have the money or stomach to travel the world and eat bottomlessly. So, I have to live vicariously through these food and travel Instagram accounts. 

1. @Girl Eat World

Melissa, of Girl Eat World, started to take photos of her food while traveling alone in Europe because she doesn't like selfies and she didn't feel comfortable asking strangers to take her photo. Now she has over 389K followers and is still eating her way through Central and Eastern Europe.

2. @Food Feels

If you want to travel the world in a matter of days, just follow Food Feels. They've travelled from London to Sydney to Finland. Their photos are always beautifully composed and make your stomach growl at the first glance. Unlike some food accounts that usually post only breakfasts or snacks, Food Feels posts every meal, from every cuisine. 

3. @Rosie Londoner

Rosie is a London-based lifestyle and travel blogger with a passion for delicious food. Her blog and Instagram are filled with her adventures around England, Europe and the world, and also include some amazing recipes

4. @Migrationology

Mark Wiens travels for food. Even though he is based in Bangkok, you can find him all over the world. His Instagram photos highlight the must eats in every city he goes to. If you want see more of his travels, then check out his fantastic YouTube channel

5. @Life & Thyme

Life & Thyme is a food publication all about stories. On their website you can travel the world through powerful stories, like a Syrian refugee family making their refuge camp feel like home through family recipes and Oaxacan cuisine. Their Instagram is a delightful combination of photos from their stories or reposts from their worldwide community.

6. @Pissing In The Punch Bowl

Marcus (aka Pissing in the Punch Bowl) is a Brooklyn-based blogger who enjoys trying new foods wherever he goes. His photos are always unparalleled and unlike any other food blogger I've seen.

7. @Emi Eats

Emi has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, and was recently walking the streets of Meereen (aka Croatia). She loves to find new places in her hometown of Chicago and has #BrunchGoals.

8. @Foodcationing 

If you want to see photos of food from around the world then @foodcationing is the account for you. Their Instagram bio is "Humans traveling and living around the world, one delicious bite at a time." What more could you want?

9. @Tara Milk Tea

Tara is an Asian-Australian Instagrammer and blogger, who started off her Instagram in 2012 and now has 764K followers. She takes gorgeous photos of the scenery around her and the (sometimes adorable) food she eats. 

10. @Polabur

Polabur is a Russian-based travel Instagrammer, who takes the sweetest photos of her travels and food. She usually takes photos of her breakfasts or desserts, so don't be alarmed if you have serious brunch envy. 

11. @FaimFatale

Deana, the brains behind Faim Fatale, isn't afraid of trying new foods. Her background experience working in the communications field definitely comes through in her writings in her journal and her Instagram photos. 

So, the next time you're feeling some serious wanderlust, but can't afford to galavant across Europe, check out one of these food and travel Instagram accounts. They'll satisfy your travel cravings, while giving you some fantastic recommendations for where to eat, once you and your friends can go across the pond.