Long gone are the days when a cliché “#1 Dad” mug would cut it as a Father’s Day gift. After all, the day to celebrate the favorite man in your life only comes around once a year, so why not go all out?

We can all unanimously agree that food is the key to everyone’s hearts so don’t think twice about switching it up this Father’s Day with some of the best food gifts in the game.

Baked by Melissa

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Photo courtesy of Baked by Melissa

Espresso how much your dad means to you with Baked by Melissa‘s limited edition Father’s Day cupcake: Chocolate Espresso. Perfect for any dad with a massive sweet tooth, Baked by Melissa is introducing the Father’s Day Gift Box, complete with an assortment of bite-sized macaroons or Chocolate Espresso cupcakes your dad will devour.

Set your alarms for June 2nd when these special gift boxes go on pre-order so you can ensure your cupcakes or macaroons arrive by Father’s Day. These mini cupcakes or macaroons come in at $45 for 50 or $85 for 100.

You’re gonna be counting down the days until Father’s Day this year just so you can get your hands on these bite-sized treats for the guy you love. And, hopefully, he will share.

#SpoonTip: If your dad is gluten-free, Baked by Melissa also offers gluten-free cupcakes and macaroons.

Lobel’s of New York

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Photo courtesy of lobels.com

There’s one thing you can always count on your dad to be great at… grilling. Though it may be cliché, there’s nothing better than a nice piece of steak that’s been grilled to perfection by your old man.

Lobel’s, a Manhattan-based family business that sources cattle from its farms across America, has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Mail Order Beef Companies. With all of its USDA Prime Beef coming from corn-raise cattle, Lobel’s delivers your choice of Prime Beef, Natural Prime Beef or Wagyu Beef straight to your doors step. Cooking a steak is essentially foolproof, so no matter what, you’re reaping the benefits of this oh-so-delicious gift.

Three Gallon Beer Kit

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Photo courtesy of UrbanBrewShop on Etsy

One word: Booze. Chances are your old man isn’t gonna deny an ice cold one on the day dedicated to him. Sure craft beer is nice and all, but why not take it a step further and try to make your gift for dad a little more personal?

This brewery-in-a-box beer-making set comes with a special grain recipe so your dad can make his own brew in the comfort of his home. Can it get any better? Get together with your dad for some nice bonding, make some beer (and food), then sit back and cheers to your incredible creation.

Dry Rub and Seasoning Set

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Photo courtesy of CabooseSpiceCo on Etsy

Top off your gift of Lobel’s steak with the perfect dry rub and seasoning set. Coming with five unique dry rubs in metal tins, your dad will be grilling up a steak every night of the week just to try out every seasoning.

Each rub is a unique blend of spices and seasonings that will transform not only the flavor of steak but of chicken and veggies too. From the BBQ rub to the curry spice rub or smoky sweet rub, your dad will be sure to find one that is right up his alley.

Jars by Dani

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Photo courtesy of linkedin.com

It’s Fathers Day… your dad deserves to have his own cake and eat it too. But let’s be honest, big cakes are overrated nowadays. A classic chocolate cake used to be as fancy as it gets, but now that just won’t cut it.

Send Jars by Dani right to your door to wow your dad with a trendy dessert. Choose from a variety of flavors: Cookies and Creme, Cookie Dough, Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter or White Chocolate. Add that personal touch with a custom picture label of you and your old man and no doubt you’ll be on your dad’s good side for months to come.

Gourmet Snack Pack

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Photo courtesy of mouth.com

Made especially with all foodie father figures in mind, this dad-dee-licious snack pack will be sure to satisfy your father’s snacking needs. The men in your life can snack their way through an array of tasty artisanal goodies including crispy potato chips, ginger-infused cocoa cookies and a unique version of the classic Coke gummies every dad loves.

No dad is gonna deny this sweet and salty assortment because if you haven’t caught on yet, every man loves food.

Peets Coffee Sampler

Peet's Coffee

If your dad can’t start is day without a good ole cup o’ joe in his hands then this gift is a no-brainer. Coming with six different 1/2 pound bags of coffee, your dad will be jumping out of bed to try all of the incredible flavors.

Add on to the gift by including one of the cups or coffee accessories that Peets features in its section of gifts perfect for fathers day.


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Photo courtesy of williams-sonoma.com

With Father’s Day conveniently coming right at the beginning of summer, why not get in the summer spirit and give your dad a Molcajete (because is it really summer without guacamole?). This stone mortar is perfect for making the freshest of guac. Basically, your dad is gonna be serving up guacamole and chips all summer long with his new kitchen accessory.

Williams Sonoma also offers the perfect cupcake set and cookies, being offered exclusively for Father’s Day, so that you can top off your homemade guac with a sweet treat.

Gourmet Wine and Cheese Basket

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Photo courtesy of harryanddavid.com

Wine and cheese… can it get much classier? Chances are your dad likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine once in a while. Step up your Father’s Day gift game with a gourmet wine and cheese gift basket for the best man in your life.

Coming with four superior cheese, a bottle of wine, dried fruits and mixed nuts, you really can’t go wrong by gifting this delicacy. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine with your old man this Father’s Day (it’s a win-win situation).

Make Your Own Bacon Kit

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Photo courtesy of foodiggity.com

Nothing is better than waking up to the sweet smell of sizzling bacon traveling through your house. Sure, plain ol’ bacon from the store isn’t bad, but you haven’t had true bacon until you make it with the Make Your Own Bacon Kit.

This kit contains everything that you need to make five pounds of mouthwatering bacon. Whether your dad is a foodie father or even a novice chef, chances are he will be making bacon 24/7 with his new DIY kit.

Blue Apron

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Photo courtesy of forbes.com

If your dad loves to cook up a home-cooked meal once in awhile, let me tell ya, you’re lucky. Save your dad the stress of having to go food shopping in order to make an amazing meal by giving him a subscription to Blue Apron.

With two different plan options, you can get between two to four recipes, along with the fresh ingredients necessary, delivered fresh to your door. Best part of the gift? You get to reap the benefits of your dad’s delicious cooking thanks to Blue Apron.