‘Twas the time we call finals when we thank god we’re not pre-meds, not a thought of gifting had crossed through our heads.

Our suitcases are packed in the corner with care,

In hopes that we would soon not be there.

When suddenly I had such a realization,

To offer some homemade ideas to gift in a jiffy on any occasion.

If you’re not using it as a source of procrastination, most of us are not thinking about gifting during this busy time of year (until it's too late). But that doesn’t mean we have to let it completely fall to the wayside. Don’t worry, I got your back on this one.

Here’s a DIY gift guide for all of the foodies in your life. Oh and don’t fret, these ideas are made for those with both time and expense constraints. As chocolate chip cookies have taught us, homemade is (Levain, please excuse me when I say this) better.

Caution: mason jars ahead.

Something Sweet:

1. Mason jar cookie mixes for your favorite trendy (and lazy) friend.

Whether you go with gingerbread, peanut butter, or classic chocolate chip, layering your dry ingredients is as easy as it gets. Write down the final add-ins and cooking directions on a gift tag and you are good to go. Use up all of your ingredients by gifting these awesome treats to a few friends. After all, who doesn’t love cookies? Plus, easy supplements make these perfect for gluten-free buddies. 

2. For your favorite chocoholic, ice cube tray chocolates.

Who knew that in a few easy steps you could create profession-looking chocolates with your favorite fillings. Now we all do! Dust with powdered sugar for an extra special, wintery look. And don’t forget to make a couple extra in case you need to taste test. 

3. Microwave caramels are the be all end all of easy, homemade gifts (you can give them to pretty much anyone).

Do you have five ingredients, access to a microwave, and friends who like delicious sweets? Okay cool, then you should make these. Sprinkle with sea salt or cover with nuts for a little something extra. I'll say no more, here is your ticket to heaven.

Something Savory:

4. For the cheese lover who you love enough to give away your cheese to.

Cheese in all forms is delicious, but this cheese is beautiful too. Fill your jar with goat cheese or feta, and if you choose feta, do yourself a favor and get Bulgarian feta (trust me on this one).

Load it up with oil, herbs, lemon zest, honey, or whatever else catches your fancy. This works great as a hostess gift as well as a gift to be saved for later snacking

A Little Bit of Everything:

5. A popcorn-making kit for anyone who loves to fancify their favorite snacks.

For whatever mood they’re in, they can get spicy, salty, or sweet. All you need is popcorn kernels, your favorite seasonings and add-ins, and containers for each. Activate that sweet tooth with cinnamon, sugar, and coconut flakes. Go for salty with parmesan cheese powder, coarse salt, and dried rosemary. Get spicy with cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, and chili flakes. And if you need some help, get extra creative with these fancy ideas

6. For those who know that butter really does make everything better.

Here’s the gist of it: get yourself some butter, soften it up, add in the additions of your heart’s desire, roll into a log or add to small jar, refrigerate until hard again. Done. Add maple syrup, cinnamon, garlic and herbs, honey, chive, rosemary and figs, or anything else you can think up. If you really want to get fancy, check out this lime and herb butter from the master himself, Ottolenghi.

7. A classic treat anyone will go nuts over.

Transform an everyday snack into something exciting by going spicy, sweet, or savory. Use this recipe as a base and then don’t be afraid to add in your own personal touches, like chocolate, sesame seeds, herbs, caramel, or candy. 

For Those Who Prefer Liquid Sustenance:

8. A kit to get someone in the holiday spirit.

Choose a drink that your friend or family member loves and assemble all of the ingredients in a box or bundle. For mulled cider, pair cider, a cheesecloth bundle of spices, dried orange zest, and rum or brandy. For bloody marys, assemble the mix, pickles, horseradish, olives, and vodka. Do the same for mulled wine, adult hot chocolate, egg nog, or any other favorites. 

For Foodies Far Away:

The next few gifts can stay preserved for a long time because no actual food is included, but they'll still make any food-lover happy.

9. A gift that keeps on giving.

Write out a few easy recipes or collect old family ones and assemble them into a notebook or box. You can even decorate the cards and leave them blank to fill together later.

10. The magic of Mod Podge.

Make old newspapers, maps, photos, or drawings into coasters for your favorite hostess or wine buddy. Start with plain tiles and add your own spin…And get a little crafty while you do. Learn the magic of Mod Podge or try this geometric cork version.

11. A sprig of holiday cheer.

With only herb sprigs, wire, and string, you can make these adorable little wreaths. Up the ante by connecting multiple sprigs to make a larger creation. Add on cranberries, glitter, or ribbon to make this gift extra special. You can even use these in cooking if you use only natural ingredients and cooking string.