Canada's greatest gift to us, Tim Hortons, has truly blessed us in many ways. They have rich, quality coffee that doesn't hurt your wallet, and the best Iced Capp's out of any coffee chain in the nation. But their drinks aren't the only thing that makes them a better choice than Dunkin'—their food is worth the trip too. The next time you're craving an Iced Capp, add one of the best Tim Hortons menu items to your order.

1. Timbits

Step aside, Munchkins, you've met your match. These little guys have amazing flavors like honey-dip, blueberry, powder jelly filled, and everyone's favorite: chocolate glazed. Boxes go from 10 packs to 40 packs so all your mini donut needs are served. 

2. Mac and Cheese

Amelia Gilmer

Incredible, I know. Tim Hortons sells cups of Mac and Cheese to fix your tummy's cravings. For just $3.99, you can get a bowl of this creamy goodness that tastes just as good as any homemade mac. This cheesy cup will become your go-to order after having  just one bite. 

3. Grilled Cheese  

Tim Hortons really knows how to make cheese and coffee. This yummy grilled cheese is always hot and ready to go whether you need it for a lunch break or as an after school treat. Made on multi-grain bread with American cheese, it's essentially the perfect sandwich. 

4. Pulled Pork Sandwich

A recent addition to the menu, this pulled pork sandwich has gotten great reviews. We're still waiting for this new treat to come to America (it's currently exclusively in Canadian locations). If you're ever planning on taking a trip to our northern neighbors, this is a must have. 

5. Cookies

The perfect treat to go with any warm cup of Joe. These cookies come in a variety of flavors, ranging from the classic chocolate chip to red velvet stuffed to the brim with cream cheese. Always fresh and soft, they are truly worth 99 cents. 

6. Muffins

Tim Hortons has the muffins you crave for breakfast as well as a late night snake. Whether you choose red velvet, blueberry, or double chocolate chip, you can never go wrong with ordering one of these treats. The muffin tops always have the perfect firmness to them while the bottoms are soft and moist. 

7. Pretzel Bagels

Anything that tastes like a pretzel is a mouthwatering experience, and these bagels are no different. With just the right amount of salt on top, this pretzel bagel is a hit, toasted or untoasted. You can also have it plain, with cream cheese, or make it the bread to any of the sandwiches on the menu. 

8. Chocolate Cheesecake Donut

Tim Hortons took a classic chocolate donut and put a creamy cheesecake filling in the middle with white fondant frosting, and red and white chocolate curls on top to make this mouthwatering donut. It creates a total sugar high and no other donut compares. 

9. Cinnamon Rolls

Coming in two varieties (frosted or glazed), this bakery item is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The cinnamon is baked perfectly into the twists and is complemented by just the right amount of sugar on top. Make sure to get it heated up in the oven to get the full experience. 

10. Homestyle Oatmeal

One of the most popular items for breakfast, Tim Hortons nails the texture and taste of this homestyle oatmeal. Available in mixed berry and maple, this fiber-filled meal brings a bundle of warmth to your belly. This style also is just the right amount of liquid to oats, so you don't have to worry about it being a soup or hard cereal. 

11. Chicken Noodle Soup

Another classic meal, Tim Hortons' chicken noodle soup makes you feel like you're right at home. Always cooked to the right temperature, this soup is filled with flavor. Adding the packet of saltine crackers brings the whole food experience together. 

Tim Hortons is an expanding chain that should definitely be your new caffeine headquarters. But remember, every cup of coffee needs a good meal to go along side it, and these ones are all killer options.