1. Thanksgiving Break

pie, apple pie
Jocelyn Hsu

We're all thinking about it so you may as well be thankful for it! With finals coming around the corner, I think we're all pretty excited to go home and do nothing for a couple days. Not to mention those home cooked meals!

2. Grading Curves

snack, study snack, textbook, notebook, taking notes, notes, studying, citrus, orange
Jocelyn Hsu

When you actually got a 60 on the exam yet somehow in Blackboard it's an 85, nice. 

3. Naps

girl in bed, napping, nap, sleeping, sleep, blanket, bed, pillow, cake
Jocelyn Hsu

Pretty self-explanatory, naps all day everyday. 

4. Coffee

espresso, milk, tea, coffee
Rica Beltran

When your nap wasn't long enough or you didn't have time for one, head over to Starbucks or Einsteins and grab some java. 

5. The Campus Loop

It's starting to get cold out there, and the hike from lower to the academic quad isn't getting any easier. 

6. Our Education

All we do is complain about this paper or that exam, but in reality we're pretty lucky to have the opportunity to study here at Bentley. 

7. Career Services

Ranked #1 by the Princeton Review in 2017, and you don't you forget it!

8. Free Stuff Around Campus

Almost every week some campus org or company is around campus giving out free food or merch, and for that our wallets are thankful.

9. Rate my Professor

That overall 4.00 rating and 1.00 difficulty rating is going to get you through next semester, thanks Paul from 2014. 

10. The Person next to you in class that takes great notes

You don't know their name, in your phone it probably says something like "Girl from GB214", but that's college. Thanks for the notes btw. 

11. Your Friend Group

smile, smiling, laughing, Ocean, smoothies, outdoors, Summer, Friends, coffee
Julia Gilman

Your friends are like family, and for that we are thankful!