It’s May, which means we get to honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, and there are so many ways to celebrate. Aside from going to regional events, parades, and festivals and spending your money at AANHPI-owned businesses, you can also follow some incredible AANHPI food influencers on social media. In this roundup, we're sharing just a few of our favorite AANHPI food influencers you should check out. From cooking tutorials to restaurant reviews, these creators are serving up a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

But it's not just about the food. It's also about celebrating and appreciating the rich cultural heritage that these influencers bring to the table. Through their storytelling and culinary expertise, they're bridging cultures and breaking down stereotypes about AANHPI cuisine. So grab your phones, hit that follow button, and prepare to go down a rabbit hole of mouthwatering food content. You might want to grab a snack, because this is gonna make you hungry!

1. Tina Choi (@doobydobap)

Tina Choi, a.k.a. doobydobap, is a Seoul-based content creator, recipe developer, and food scientist. Her delightful cooking tutorials, vlogs, and restaurant reviews are inspired by her Korean upbringing and experiences attending boarding school in the U.S. and earning a food science degree from Cornell. Choi narrates her videos with a mix of humor, information, and meaningful anecdotes from her life. Her playful energy and impressive culinary knowledge shine through in all of her content.

2. Chef Jon Kung (@jonkung)

Detroit-based chef, cookbook author, and TikTok star Jon Kung prepares delectable Chinese cuisine and shares valuable tips and tricks for aspiring home cooks in his popular videos. In his entertaining and informative voiceovers, he talks about the importance of culinary diversity and breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions about Chinese cuisine. Kung’s beautifully crafted dishes are so enticing that he’s been hired to create recipes based on anime series. Also, his dog is adorable! We love a good social media sidekick pup.

3. Chaheti Bansal (@rootedinspice)

California-based food blogger Chaheti Bansal runs the popular TikTok account @rootedinspice. Her captivating videos feature tutorials for cooking up all kinds of mouthwatering dishes, from Tibetan momos to Tandoori chai. Bansal also uses her platform to challenge stereotypes and debunk myths about Indian culture, and her video calling to ‘cancel’ the word curry went viral in 2021.

4. The Knotty Chef (@theknottychef)

The Knotty Chef showcases his adorable crocheted food items in addictive TikTok videos. The array of cute crocheted foods is available for purchase on his website. Check him out, but be warned you may suddenly realize that you need a crocheted pear ASAP. 

5. Newt Nguyen (@newt or @milktpapi)

Vietnamese American chef Newt Nguyen cooks everything from SPAM fries to short ribs in his divine TikTok videos narrated with hilarious anecdotes from his life. Nguyen taught himself to cook to help provide healthy and delicious meals for his sister, who was busy working three jobs. His Instagram handle, @milktpapi, combines his love of milk tea and Drake. Also, he just released his own cookbook in April. 

6. Elisa Sunga (@saltedrye)

Elisa Sunga launched @saltedrye in February 2020 to document her baking and kitchen adventures. Scrolling through her Instagram page filled with beautiful pastries that are (almost) too pretty to eat is incredibly satisfying and calming. Apart from showcasing her impressive baking skills, Sunga has also utilized her account to raise over $28,000 for social justice organizations.

7. Hwoo Lee (@hwoo.lee)

Most of Hwoo Lee’s videos begin with his trademark tagline, “You’re gonna watch me cook for myself.” And trust us, you will want to. The California-based self-taught chef cooks all kinds of food for himself — from copycat egg McMuffins to beef tongue Takoyaki to wagyu steak — in his fast-paced, entertaining, and witty videos. 

8. Cy Nguyen (@cylovesfrogs)

Cy Nguyen is a Vietnamese American recipe creator who shares her culinary expertise on her TikTok account @cylovesfrogs. Raised on her mother's Vietnamese cooking, Nguyen values good food and affordability, and her delicious, easy-to-follow recipes are perfect for novice cooks!

9. George Lee (@chez.jorge)

Taiwanese American chef George Lee combines his passion for food and science in captivating vegan cooking tutorials. His well-crafted and mouthwatering recipes have the power to inspire even the most devoted meat lovers to explore plant-based cuisine. In fact, he just released his cookbook A-Gong's Table: Vegan Recipes From A Taiwanese Home

10. Seema Pankhania (@seemagetsbaked)

Seema Pankhania is a truly global food influencer. She has made it her personal mission to "cook as many dishes from as many countries as possible," and is currently partaking in a 195-day global food challenge to cook a dish from every country in the world. Seema's delicious recipes and travel tips are sure to induce both hunger and wanderlust. Her account is a must-follow for anyone with an appetite for adventure.

11. Soy Nguyen (@foodwithsoy)

Soy Nguyen is a California-based food influencer who inspires viewers with her energetic and personality-filled restaurant reviews and home cooking videos. Her content encourages people to try delicious dishes both at home and in restaurants. Additionally, she uses her platform to spread kindness and start important conversations about mental health.

12. Gideon General (@gidsgids)

Dayton-based chef Gideon General began his cooking career as a line chef. Now, he boasts more than one million followers on TikTok and is a foodie video creator with Buzzfeed Tasty. Across his personal socials, he shares myriad delicious Filipino dishes including lumpia, sisig, and even siopao burgers. If you're looking to learn all about Philippine food culture, Gideon is your guy.