We are currently weeks away from the Class of 2020 embarking on their University of Denver journey. With that said, there are definitely some things that the incoming students should know about what is ahead of them. Lucky for them/you, we have compiled real advice from real DU students in order to know all there is to know about the Pioneer lifestyle. You can thank us later.

1. “Never ever say that you attend UD or Denver University”

2. “Take down anyone who calls your school UD or Denver University”

3. “Expect to wear shorts Winter Quarter”

4. “Expect to wear a down jacket Spring Quarter”

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

5. “Don’t let your freshman dorm define you”

6. “Hang out in other dorms besides your own… we’re looking at you J-Mac”

7. “Buy ear plugs”

8. “Don’t rely on your roommate to be your best friend”

9. “Get used to sharing your space”

10. “Learn to compromise your living habits to meet in the middle”

11. “Make as many friends on your floor as possible within the first week”

12. “The group of friends you have during O-Week will not be your group of friends later on”

13. “The first week, introduce yourself to everyone you make eye contact with”

14. “Remember their names”

15. “The next time you see them, say hi”

16. “Don’t be afraid to ask someone for their number”

17. “Don’t be afraid to actually shoot them a text”

18. “Go to all the O-Week events/gatherings”

19. “It can be really hard to know your tolerance level once you get to college so baby step yourself when you’re drinking”

20. “O-Week will be the greatest and weirdest week of your life”

21. “Enjoy it while it lasts”

22. “Be yourself”

23. “The first quarter can be lonely sometimes, but things will all fall into place”

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

24. “Never be afraid to just prop your door open whenever hanging in your dorm”

25. “Recruitment is a really good way to meet people and make friends”

26. “Talk to people in classes. Odds are they’re cool”

27. “Be prepared to lose friends you make freshman year”

28. “Don’t date anyone O-week”

29. “Don’t fall for the first person you hook up with”

30. “Don’t hook up with anyone on your floor”

31. “The campus is small… and it only gets smaller”

32. “If an upperclassman dude seems weird to you, don’t brush it off because he’s older and that seems cool”

33. “Don’t be that couple who ugly-grinds at The Border”

34. “If someone buys you a drink, don’t take your eyes or your hands off of it”

35. “Make sure you are respecting yourself and receiving that same respect in return”

36. “Consent isn’t just ‘sexy,’ it’s the law”

37. “If you ever feel like someone you’re with is too drunk to consent, make sure they get home okay, and don’t make any advances”

38. “Always make sure you’re looking out for the people around you”

39. “Everyone could use an ally”

40. “If dating’s your thing, go for it”

41. “If not, wear a condom”

42. “You’re probably going to want to get a fake”

43. “The night life is how you make of it”

44. “The house parties aren’t the greatest but there are some fun themed parties”

45. “Go all out for themed parties”

46. “Stay away from the bars”

47. “Seriously, we need just like one month when the bars aren’t swarming with freshman”

48. “Always use the buddy system”

49. “If you are a guy, the party scene is better if you are in a fraternity”

50. “C and G is the athlete bar”

51. “Redford’s is the pregame and Wednesday night bar”

52. “The Border is the best bar”

53. “You will have a love/hate relationship with The Border”

54. “Some of the best times at DU comes from hanging out with your friends in the dorm and dancing around to some music”

55. “You don’t have to go to parties if it’s not your scene”

56. “Don’t go to parties every weekend – you’re grades will thank you”

57. “Don’t sleep through registration”

58. “Be prepared or you are screwed”

59. “Wait lists are your friends”

60. “Ratemyprofessor and older students can honestly be pretty helpful”

61. “Do not take History of Rock and Roll, no matter how fun you think it sounds”

62. “Make the most out of your classes – it’ll make exams easier!”

63. “Midterms are not always in the middle of the quarter”

64. “The basement of the library is your best friend”

Photo courtesy of @du_hcc on Instagram

65. “Pay attention to attendance policies”

66. “Go to class so you don’t have to study as hard for midterms and exams”

67. “Take exams seriously”

68. “The quarter system will bite you in the ass”

69. “Weeks 8-10 are awful, get anything done before you can!”

70. “If you’re taking business classes, know that the exams are 10 times harder than the homework”

71. “Best way not to get behind is to go to class”

72. “You can get involved even if you’re friends aren’t!”

73. “Branching out is the best way to meet new people and find something you love to do”

74. “Be on an intramural team”

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

75. “You will regret the moment if you didn’t go because you were ‘to cool’ for it”

76. “Try a new restaurant every week”

77. “Hang out in wash park”

78. “Go hiking as much as possible!”

79. “Take advantage of your free RTD pass”

80. “Explore Denver as much as you can”

81. “Don’t feel bad if you don’t ski or snowboard”

82. “Go to Winter Carnival your freshman year because every year after that the novelty has worn off”

83. “Drink too much, hot tub a ton, and maybe ski”

84. “Go to tailgates but actually follow through with the games”

85. “Pios are the most spirited when they’ve had some spirits”

86. “Take advantage of our awesome hockey and lacrosse teams”

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

87. “Sodexo is the number one distributor of prison food… enough said”

88. “High key Sodexo omelets are dank”

89. “Get the lowest meal plan possible”

90. “Do not forget about your meal plan cash because it clears after the end of each quarter”

91. “Learn about Nagel early on”

92. “Off-campus restaurants are so good and most of them take flex!”

93. “Kaladi has the best coffee”

94. “Petes has an aMaZiNg happy hour”

95. “Beef Shawarma Platter with Hummus from Jerusalem’s, easily the best meal you will ever consume

96. “Illegal Petes is better than Chipotle”

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

97. “Try not to get carried away with spending money”

98. “Freshman year goes waaay faster than you think it will”

99. “College is about trying new things and being inventive and taking risks so do so but make sure it isn’t inhibiting your true potential and individual.

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

100. Be proud to be a Pio.