The 10 Weirdest Food Combinations as Told by UMD Students

Peanut butter and jelly. Carrots and hummus. Celery and peanut butter. Oreos and milk. These are some of the most delicious food combinations known to us. But you know what else they are? Typical. At UMD, students are uncovering more than solutions to math equations and sociological problems — they are uncovering an endless world of food combinations. Here, we’ve collected their unconventionally delectable findings.

1.) Ketchup + Eggs

“I love ketchup so much that I put them on my eggs in the morning.” —Meredith

Photo by Jennifer Cao

2.) Apricot Sauce + Pork Chops

“It’s the sweet and savory taste. I think these chops had an influence on me. Now I’m a sucker for almost any meat and fruit dish.” —Cory

3.) PB&J Sandwich + Milk

“One day in the beginning of my junior year of high school, I was eating lunch with my cousin and he did it and he told me that I need to try it. So I dunked my PB&J into my milk just like you would with an Oreo … it was delicious.” —Samantha

Photo by Jennifer Cao

4.) Green Olives + Cream Cheese

“When I was a little kid, my mom used to combine the two in a sandwich. Not sure why she ever thought to do that, but it’s delicious.” —Kayla

5.) BBQ + Ranch + Pizza

“Put ranch, then BBQ sauce, then ranch all together as the sauce on a pizza.” —Travis

Photo by Jennifer Cao

6.) Tuna + Ketchup

“I usually put the ketchup on the side, but mix it in with every scoop of tuna, or I make them into a sandwich.” —Lauren

7.) Cheddar Cheese + Honey Mustard

“I like cheddar cheese sticks dipped in honey mustard. Probably the weirdest thing about that though is that I don’t even peel the cheese sticks; I just bite them.” —Molly

Photo by Jennifer Cao

8.) Oreo Cookies + Smoked Salmon

“This is going to sound nasty as hell, but I tried an Oreo with a slice of smoked salmon and it was glorious.” —Rachel

9.) Ketchup + Carrots

“I used to like carrots with ketchup as a kid. I don’t know how I did it, but it was the only thing that I would eat.” —Jen

Photo by Jennifer Cao

10.) Carrots + Peanut Butter

“I really don’t remember when I started eating peanut butter and carrots together; I’ve always loved eating both, but they get boring just by themselves, and I find that the two together work well taste-wise.” —Taylor

We already knew that UMD is home to some innovative students, but apparently their innovation extends far beyond academic research. Society may call these food findings “weird,” but that just means that the students at UMD have unlocked intuitive food combinations that the general public has yet to taste. Keep it up, UMD!