We all love Advent calendars. I mean, you get a free piece of candy every day for almost a whole month and then, when you’re out of days on the calendar, you don’t even have to be sad because it’s Christmas! While I’d never turn down candy, after a while it can get kind of (pardon the pun) stale. So, as my gift to you, here are ten ways to spice up your Advent calendar and make every day feel like Christmas!

Dentists are Taking Candy from Kids for Charity

Photo by Paulina Larn

1. Money

I’m not talking a dollar a day, necessarily, because we’re all stretching our cash around the holidays, but maybe stick a dollar or two in a few random slots for that “just-found-a-buck-in-my-jeans” feeling without doing any laundry. If you’re doing this for yourself, ask a friend to hide the dollar for you for an added dose surprise.


Photo by Paulina Larn

2. New recipes

If you love food as much as we do here at Spoon, treat yourself to a new holiday-themed (or just any old) recipe to try every day. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a new favorite to bring to the family dinner table.

3. Christmas movies/specials

Before you hang up the calendar, sit down with whomever else is going to enjoy it with you and have them write down their favorite holiday movies on slips of paper. Stick all of the papers into a hat, and randomly place them on the calendar. Pick a movie a day and enjoy.


Photo by Bari Blanga

4. Christmas jewelry

‘Tis the season to be tacky! Find yourself a cute pair of light-up Christmas earrings or a necklace that looks like tinsel and flaunt it.

5. Nail polish/lip balm/the essentials

Just tiny little gifts to yourself to remind you that you’re doing great this holiday season, you will definitely get everyone’s gifts on time and you are not going to burn the turkey.

6. Bubble bath

A different kind of gift to yourself. Take an hour out of your busy schedule and just indulge. Men, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

7. Temporary tattoos or stickers

Fun for kids but, let’s face it, fun for pretty much everyone else, too. Click here for some sticker inspiration.


Photo Courtesy of Spoon University

8. Batteries

You’re gonna need them on the big day, plus it never hurts to have some spares.

9. Those cute, pocket-sized bottles of alcohol

You deserve it. Go ahead and spike that eggnog.

10. Make-Your-Own Advent activities list

Whether it’s making Christmas cards to send out, finding the Christmas pickle or making a snowman or gingerbread house, make a list of Christmas activities and do one every day.

Gingerbread Cookies

Photo by Sarah Comerford

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