Everybody has seen a picture of food that they would die to try, right? Okay maybe not die, but you get what I mean. For some of us, food in our favorite video games is just like that. (It can't be just me, right? Right?) I love video games, and I also love eating, so delicious-looking video game food is basically my sweetest dream. So here's a list of some video game foods that I would absolutely eat.

1. Big Malasada from Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Alaina Tepper

It's kind of like a doughnut, but it's healthy! It's good for both Pokémon and people, and they can have different kinds of filling, some spicy and some sweet. I wish this healthy, fried delight was real and in my stomach right now. In a similar strain...

2. Z-Kaiseki from Sushi High Roller in Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Alaina Tepper

I love sushi, but I've never gotten anything as fancy as you can get in Pokémon. There are four different types you can get, the above photo features the ninja set (as well as my adorable character).

Each set looks fantastic and of course the character has nothing bad to say about it. I have to say, I'm curious if sushi in Pokémon is any different than real life sushi.

3. Superb Soup from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Okay to be fair I could clearly make this one if I wanted to like this dedicated fan did, but I doubt it would be as good (or healing) as the soup Yeto the Yeti makes for his poor sick wife. It's made of fish, pumpkin, and cheese, all of which are unique to their in-game area. Obviously regular ingredients are an adequate substitute, but I doubt it would restore eight hearts of my health.

4. A "Missing Vella" cupcake from Broken Age 

birthday cake, cake
Alaina Tepper 

Broken Age is a new game that has quickly become one of my favorites, partially because of the gorgeous art involved with it. The picture doesn't do it justice, but even still this cupcake is so detailed. It's made by a family of professional bakers in order to help find their daughter, with special red frosting that would be Vella's favorite if she was ever able to try it. I mean how can you resist such a fancy, professional cupcake?

5. A Spider Doughnut from Undertale

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Alaina Tepper

This one I'm mostly just curious about to be honest, how is a spider doughnut different from a normal one? What is it made of? How do spiders even make doughnuts? I just have so many questions, the most important of which is what flavor of doughnut is it?

6. Butterscotch Pie from Undertale

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Alaina Tepper

Undertale is one of my favorite games, possibly my favorite game ever, and partly because the food is so intriguing. This special pie was made by a caring goat-mom who just wants you to be safe. Plus butterscotch is one of my favorite flavors, so everything about this pie is my dream. I wish I had a nice goat lady to make me special pies...

7. Mama Yakis from Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends

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Alaina Tepper

I know Cooking Mama involves real food you could actually make but let's be real, my cooking will never be as good as Mama's. And I also don't have a cooking mold of her face, because that would be weird. So try as I might I could never get these Mama Yakis to look as cute as they are in the game.

8. The fancy chocolate cake in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

birthday cake, gingerbread, cake
Alaina Tepper

This game is so cute so I honestly want pretty much everything from it but this chocolate cake well... Takes the cake! It looks so well done, who could turn down such a nice chocolate cake? (Also peep my cute as heck character.)

9. Anything served to me in this fancy dining room from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

gingerbread, cookie, cake
Alaina Tepper

I don't even care what it is, I just want to eat here. Anything served in this fancy hotel dining room would totally be luxurious but still adorable, which is really what I aspire to be.

10. My birthday cake from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

tea, beer, cake
Alaina Tepper

Can you tell I have a thing for Animal Crossing? I think this is what I would like to eat the most, just because of how cute and thoughtful it is. Even though I neglected my town for a while (as evidenced by my crazy bedhead) my villagers threw me a surprise birthday party and made me this cute little cake. It even has strawberries on it which are my favorite, although the game doesn't know that.